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Indulge Yourself in Singapore: A Special Travel Guide - Likeitgirl

Planning to spend some time in Singapore? Not sure what to expect? In order to make the most out of your trip, make sure you have all planned before you take off to this island city-state, one of the hit-list destinations that Asia has to offer. To make your preparations easier and more efficient, here is a Singapore travel guide to help you plan your trip! 

Singapore’s new Jewel Changi Airport

A first impression is always important, right? When traveling by plane, the first thing you see upon arriving at your chosen destination is the airport. We are all eager to see the nice architecture and experience the spirit of the culture on places we have chosen to visit. Singapore’s Jewel Changi airport has it all! With the label of the “world’s best airport”, it contains the tallest indoor waterfall, surrounded by a number of dining and shopping venues, places where people come on a daily basis to spend free time and even study! If you want to experience Singapore in 135,700 square-meter space, you should definitely spend some time at this stunning airport.

Where to stay

Singapore has a wide range of possibilities regarding accommodation. Whether you are in a search for a low budget hostel or guesthouse, or a luxury hotel, Singapore has all the options. Having in mind that Singapore is one of the most expensive cities to live in Asia as well as in the world, it is advisable to spend some time looking for a good deal that fits your travel standards. When it comes to hotels, there are a variety of options, but we all long for the once in a lifetime experience of staying in a five-star hotel – and with luxury Singapore hotel packages, it’s easier than ever to book an out-of-this-world accommodation.

Where to eat: Chinatown district

Every city has its “soul”, something that will stay in your memory after the vacation ends. If you want to experience the traditional Chinese life, you should take some time to wander around Chinatown heritage center. It is an amazing recreation of old city vibes representing Singapore in its early days. As every Chinatown in the world, this one is also filled with people, food, restaurants and good energy! The food street is filled with diverse Chinese restaurants where you’ll find an endless list of Singaporean and Chinese traditional dishes. You should definitely visit Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre and try some of the legendary culinary creations. 

A must-see: Singapore Zoo

The place that offers an easy dive into different parts of the planet. With an enormous variety of animals, almost 300 different species, the Singapore zoo presents a quick “trip around the world”. If you want to see one of the biggest zoos on the planet you should definitely plan a whole-day visit because you will most probably see animals that you have never seen before.  With the parks covering almost 100 hectares of land, the Zoo provides the most comfortable living space for each inhabitant. In case you get hungry, there are plenty of restaurants and bars, and if you want to take something memorable from this place, remember to take a glimpse into one of the gift stores. 

A must-see: Gardens by the bay

Yes, it’s that place from postcards and photographs that pop up the first thing when you choose to search for Singapore online. It’s an ultimate tourist attraction and it will most probably make you feel like a tourist on another planet. As a true classic when it comes to Gardens by the bay, you should visit Cloud forest and experience the biggest glass greenhouse in the world. By wandering through different levels of Cloud forest you will encounter a variety of plants and enjoy spectacular views. Other must-sees are Flower Dome, OCBC Skyway, Supertree Grove, Heritage Gardens and Sun Pavillion. It is one of those places you’ll wish to visit over and over again!


Singapore is probably one of the most unique places on earth. You would hardly tell that this multicultural country covered in tall buildings and shopping malls have a colonial background. So, pack your bags and hurry up to this amazing island, and make sure you take some photos!

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