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A trip to Himachal would be a perfect way to celebrate the winter season. From campfires in the lower hills to the frigid landscapes of the high passes, the cold season creates some of the most marvelous natural sights and sets the stage for unique experiences. There is no elaborate planning required to get a road trip to Himachal Pradesh planned. One can make quick plans with friends and easily hire a self drive car in Delhi. Here are some experiences waiting for those who visit Himachal in the cold months.

Ice Skating in Shimla

Its grand colonial buildings, the vibrant town centre, and the scenic viewpoints on the outskirts are just some of Shimla’s many attractions. Some of the landmarks here include the Christ Church, the Shimla State Museum, the picturesque Bhimakali Temple, and the Gaeity Heritage Cultural Complex.

Located 350 kms from Delhi, the erstwhile summer capital of the Raj is also a place where one can indulge in some icy activities. The town is home to the only natural ice skating rink in India.Beginners will have to go through a bit of a learning process but with the proper training and gear, a session of fun and even funnier moments is guaranteed.

Skiing in Kufri

Just 20 kms from Shimla one will come across the quaint hill station known as Kufri. It is known for its quiet environment and there are several enticing hiking routes around the settlement. Kufri is becoming a hub for those who want to experience the thrill of skiing. The gentle slopes and basic facilities make it an ideal place to learn skiing. The ski slopes are a visual spectacle, surrounded by thick evergreen forests, dark green juxtaposed with blinding white during peak winter season. There are advanced slopes to conquer for the more seasoned skiers. Mid-December till early February is considered the best time to go ski in Kufri.

Ice Climbing in the Dauladhars

The Dhauladhar mountain range defines the state of Himachal Pradesh. Much lower than the Himalayas, the range provides more accessible climbing and trekking routes for outdoors enthusiasts from all over the country. Ice climbing is a specific activity that is essentially mountaineering on ice formations. Regular rock climbing and hiking are also activities that travellers can enjoy, not to mention spectacular landscapes that would make any photographer gush.

Apart from these wonderful winter activities, travellers can also enjoy driving around the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Informed travellers opt for a self driving car rental because they can explore with complete privacy and freedom. Detours and stops can be made as they wish and the extra space is always appreciated. App-based platforms like Zoomcar offer the latest hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs at affordable rates. 24/7 on-road support is another wonderful assurance that adds a layer of security to the entire experience.

The winter is a time to get out and feel the cold energizing air. The hill stations of Himachal offer the best hospitality and warmth. Get behind the wheel and feel the Himalayas up close.

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