Indian Wedding Themes Suggestions For Your Wedding

As a makeup artist does makeup of a bride to make her beautiful for her wedding day, the same way wedding decorators do the work of making a wedding venue embellished. A wedding venue doesn’t look amazing if it is not decorated appropriately. The decoration of wedding depends according to a wedding location and the theme you choose for your wedding.

Always remember this:

  • Guest list: The wedding location that you are going to choose depends according to your guest list.
  • Wedding location: When your guest list is decided then after that, you have to select a wedding location.
  • Wedding decoration theme: When you have selected your wedding location finally, after that, choose the theme on which you want your wedding decoration. Nowadays there are so many wedding themes Indian and western ones both are available. Even these can be customized also according to your taste.

And after the theme selection, call your wedding decorators’ vendor that will decorate as you say and require.

There are a good number of wedding decorators in Lucknow that you can book for your wedding if it is going to take place in coming time. There are quality farmhouses and resorts in the city that you can book for your wedding.

Wedding decoration theme:

Fairytale wedding theme

Girls always want to live in a fairytale and I think they even think that this world is a fairytale, though no offense in it. You are what you are. If you have chosen a fairytale wedding theme, then naturally it is all going to white, your wedding decoration because as we have seen in so many movies that fairies and fairylands are always decorated in a white color theme. Your whole wedding venue should look like a fairyland and guests must feel this so when they enter into your wedding location to greet you. I don’t know what you are going to think about this which I’m going to tell you ahead, if your waiters also get dressed as male fairies, then it gonna add extra charm.

Royal wedding theme

If you have taste for classics and feel for royalty and always like the photos of old Indian Maharaja and Maharani, then royal wedding theme is perfect for you. In this theme, everything should give a royal feel even crockery that will be used in your wedding. Choose palace as your wedding venue and even your outfit should match the royalty of old time. In Rajasthan, it is always the theme. Though old India was of many riyasaths (boroughs). You can have any royal touch of any state in India.

Beach wedding

If you have decided that you going to have a beach wedding then it must be near a beach but shouldn’t be much near the beach that it comes to your wedding! Joking! Beach weddings are mostly destination weddings. Your venue can be any resort or hotel near a beach. Wedding décor can be done with umbrellas, scarves, hats, and including other stuff. Various types of beach games can be organized also. Floral outfits and minimum jewelry you can go for.

Green wedding theme

There are couples who don’t want to spend huge money on their wedding while want to save. So they go for eco-friendly wedding, which you can also call a green wedding in which minimalist décor is done. For wedding location, you can choose any resort which is full of beautiful elegantly shaped greenery and for minimalist décor, if you want to have then you can go for lighting, and if you are more eco-friendly then you can use earthen lamp also.

Celebrity style theme

If you are a fan of any Bollywood celebrity and you want your wedding like him/her then you can go for celebrity theme wedding in which you can exact have the same theme as your favorite Bollywood celebrity had.

So some of the best Indian wedding themes we have told you about and you can choose any whichever you want to choose for your wedding. Nowadays the scene is this that even foreigners are fans of Indian wedding theme and their wedding is done by Indian wedding decorators and planners find the top wedding planners from –

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