Indian Nighty that Survived the Test of Time

Over the last few decades, there have been considerable changes in trends and style in women’s awareness and fashion in the Indian subcontinent; with all the changes, there have been new additions and some evolutions in the design and fabrics used for night redress.

The traditional Indian dress and night wear were influenced but western, especially European fashion after the late 17th century. The current styles in Indian nightwear were formed during the colonization of India by the British. The introduction of sweeps with circles, as seen in Olga dress, was introduced during this period.

The Indian nightdresses have been long and have always been up to the ankle length. The arrival of nightgowns with the British rule and administration brightened a rapid change in fashion. The Indian sareeswere considered very traditional and unsuitable by the new administration and did not adapt, instead introduced British dresses to Indian colonies.

For example, an Indian nighty is a loose-fitting dress that is worn during the night. Even though these dresses are considered nightwear, nighties are worn during the daytime too by women at home as they are comfortable to wear. The design that tapers from top to bottom can be in any design changes from region to region. The slip nighty and full slip have also grown to be a popular style of nighty dress in India recently.

Another example such night women are another type of nightdress that has stood the test of time. Made of cotton or soft fabrics, these are also worn because of other comfort and ease of maintenance. These nightgowns are considered to be visually appealing by many women. The fancy nighties and expensive nightgowns are worn by the elite and celebrities.

There are much variety of nightwear and nightdress available in the market and test most people ones are

  1. Nighties
  2. Chemise
  3. Negligee
  4. Night Gown
  5. Longer Night Shirt
  6. Peignoir

Let’s look at each one of them in detail.


Content nights come in a wide range of style and design. The most popular ones are full sleeve, half sleeve and short nighties. These nightdresses are comfortable and affordable when compared to night dresses with silk or satin. Feeding nighties is used across the country by mothers as they are comfortable and make it easy to feed newborns without much hassle.


Soft and loose dress, usually sleeves are used as nightwear because of the ease and comfort. These chemises became popular through Indian movies and when the upper-class women started to follow this trend.


Made of light fabric with trimmed bows and laces, they make a good choice for good nights comfortable sleep;

Night Gowns:

A lot f similar to nighty dress, nightgowns come in different styles and models. These are usually long and extend to the ankles. Most of the time, they are made of cotton, satin and nylon.

Long Night Shirt:

Long nightshirts for women look casual short but are longer and smoother, softer than the ones worn during the day. Long shirts extend below the knee depending on the model or designs. Long nightshirts and shorts are sometimes worn by men too. In the early 80s, men and women used to wear Kimono type loose-fitting coats.


Long dresses usually made of chiffon material have a lot of demand among young women.

Nighties dress, in general, have long necklace designs. Nightgowns can vary in length depending on style. There are hip long and kneed long designs depending on the manufactures or preferences. The materials used are also changed depending on the season and the preferences of the person wearing them.

Online shopping sites have made it much easier to find nighties online. Websites like nighty online help manufacturers and designers to introduce new nightdresses to the market. Introducing new designs keep the styles fresh and meet the requirements of the latest fashion trends. Nightie is one of the providers of premium nighties in India.

The demand for nightwear has not gone down even during the uncertain economic situations and hope to remain the same for the coming years. Unless acted upon by greater changes in the style and fashion trends, these nightdresses have stood the test of time and will stand strong.

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