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Indian Handicrafts: The Best Way to Decorate Your Home - Likeitgirl

Indian Handicrafts: The Best Way to Decorate Your Home

India is well-known for its rich history, vast diversity and exotic hills. The country is too famous worldwide for its authentic arts & craft work. The craft work of India is remarkable since the time of Mohenjadaro. The Indian Handicraft hold an enticing beauty which means wherever you place the crafts they embrace the area with their high finishing.

Probably, there is no country around the world with such a high concentration of handicraft as India have. India is known to be the land of arts. It is the hometown of many reputed craftsmen whom crafts are applause worldwide.

The Indian Handicrafts are designed so beautifully which adds a natural touch to the home. Every artisan of the country gives a new and unique appearance to every handicraft which means no two craftsmanship are same. Also, the artisans try to depict their state tradition and culture through crafts.

The range of Indian Handicrafts Items is distinct. You can find every type of handcrafted objects from the carpet to coconut shells, embellished jewels to handcrafted bags and so on. The widely famous handicraft of India that adorns the beauty of home are from some on these incredible states of India.

Wooden Handicrafts is one of the most famous Indian handicrafts. The state Rajasthan is renowned for crafting beautiful wooden handicrafts. The wooden handicrafts of Indis are exported worldwide and are among the best items to decorate the home with. Each wooden artefacts are uniquely carved. The tremendous wooden craft that embraces the home beauty are the figurines, wood cutlery, wood furniture, wood statues and wood art pieces and much more.

Traditional woodcarving has been on Gods, flowers, jewellery boxes, keychains, nameplates and sculptures.

Pottery and Stone sculptures: Rajasthan is famous for crafts items like pottery, marble and stone sculptures. The marble figurines of the state are always in huge demand. You can use them to decorate your home to add the luxury look. There are several types of stone handicrafts ranging from sculpture, traditional idols, decorative pieces, hyper-realist animals, big statues, etc. The preferred material in stone handicraft is marble.

Moreover, the blue pottery of Jaipur is always very famous.

Silver and Gold Jewellery: Lucknow, Delhi and Jaipur are the famous places in India to shop ethnic jewellery. One can roam whole day around the markets of these places but won’t get tired at every shop you will found something new and enticing whether it is a piece of authentic jewellery or traditional German-silver handicrafts.  Every state is famous for its own unique style of jewellery. The east is renowned for beaded jewellery, the west for stones and mirror jewellery, the south for refined temple jewellery and the north for its carvings and designing.

Other famous Handicrafts of India: The few other famous handicrafts of India are saris, kurtas, paintings, terracotta figurines, ceramics, musical instruments, furniture, leather works, brass bowls, bronze statues and other ornamental items. The best of Indian Handicraft Items is that one can also use them as return gifts to give on special occasions. 

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