India is a place where you can get not one two but hundreds of different kinds of things to eat in every city. But should we be eating all of them? Of course not. Here we have a few very famous healthy and unhealthy food in India. These are Indian Best Food Coupons using Curefit Offers: the good, the bad and the ugly. We will tell why the food is good to consume and why the other turns unhealthy for us. With reasons, we will categories the Indian food into the categories so that you can choose wisely what thing is good for you.

  1. Daal-Churma: – One of the very famous and must try dish of Rajashthan, India is daal-churma. It is basically daal along with fried floor which has been crushed into fine particles. The real taste is enhanced by eating baati which is a stuffed and cooked inside sand best dietitian in delhi. You will surely fall in love with the dish and the way it is being eaten may find you ugly. The local people eat it using hands, crushing the baati and churma, mixing with daal and then eating but you must try it that way only.
  2. Daliya: – Daliya is referred to be one of the healthiest and the favorite breakfast in India. It is equally healthy as well with a great source of manganese and fiber. It is cracked wheat instead of regular wheat because this way, the wheat will be raw and not polish so more nutritious and healthier. Eating it with mixed vegetables makes it even tastier and a good source of nutrition without adding much calories. It is highly loved by those who are trying to lose weight.
  3. Pongal: – Rice and moong daal combined together are called Pongal. As rice and daal both are very good source of protein and carbs, it is a perfect balance to your diet plan. The lean should have this in breakfast every day and the healthy must have it for good amount of nutrition with lesser calories.

Now that we have discussed some very nutritious food in India which can be adopted and, in our diet, we need to look at some unhealthy foods that we cannot resist for the kind of taste they give but at the same time we have to suffer the bad effects of them on our health. Down below you will get the list of some unhealthy and bad food from India. Of course, you will love them for their taste and garnishing but they are not so good for the health.

  1. Samosa: – the first shocking thing about this food is that a small and standard piece of samosa contains more than 250 calories. It is one of the most famous street foods. You can find a shop in almost every street selling samosa here in India. It is not so good for health as it has a very large amount of fat. It is made in reheated oil and hence result in more trans-fat which is like poison for heart patient and not a healthy stuff for anyone.
  2. Pakoras: – Pakoras are another tasty yet so unhealthy food which are not so good for consumption. They are not much different from samosa other than stuffing and the size.  The major drawback of pakoras are that it increases the bad cholesterol in our body and drops down the good cholesterol resulting into bad and unhealthy effects on the body. It also affects contains a large number of calories. Average sized pakoras can have more than 25 calories each even for their small size. They ae usually taken as snacks but it should be consumed very often.
  3. Paav Bhaji: – In different regions of the country, the dish is known with a different name and can also be prepared in a different way but ultimately results into same effect on our health which is in no way a good sign. Most of the places cook in the form of boiled potatoes sauced in spices. Different vegetables are used in different areas of the country depending on the taste of the people there. In paav bhaji, paav is a kind of bread in a puffed form and bhaji is the vegetable we have been talking about above. They are cooked in refined oil and contains a large amount of fats and calories resulting a very ill effect on the health of consumers specially the heart patient. Though it is very food for Indians, it is still so unhealthy.  You can apply for Health Officer Jobs in various sectors.
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