Indian Bride’s 5 Must Dos for Mehendi Night

Since childhood, girls in India have a special attraction or liking towards henna or Mehendi. Every girl has a dream to apply the most beautiful Mehendi that gives the darkest color for their wedding. The dark the color, the beautiful their hands and foot look.  Brides also choose different themes and concept for their Mehendi night to be held in one of the best wedding Venues in Indian Metro City. So, to have the most memorable Mehendi night, there are 5 things which every bride must do before getting their Mehendi done for an Indian Wedding.

First thing select the concept or theme you want at your Mehendi. There are different themes nowadays like color specific or region specific. You choose a color like green or pink and ask your friends and relatives to wear the same color combination. This might sound bizarre but the photographic and video results are superb. The décor, table-wear, everything will be of the same color that you choose for the concept. Even the return gifts that you give can have the packing of the same color. These concepts can be based on region and religion like Hyderabadi, Luckhnawi, Punjabi, Marathi a theme. Theme can be Bollywood as well. So, there are a lot of concepts. It is you who has to decide what to choose to make the event memorable.

The second thing is certainly the venue that you choose for your Mehendi ceremony. Normally, some dates are auspicious so people book the venue in advance. So, keeping the date in mind, you shall book the venue; be it a farmhouse, a banquet hall, or any party place that suits your requirements.

Third, keep the budget and guests list ready. Everyone is not invited to the Mehendi function. So, make the list of relatives and friends you want to be part of the occasion. Accordingly, you can book the Mehendi artist, the stalls for oxidized jewelry and bangles, and the return gifts you want to gift. You can even gift a photograph of yours with the friend or relative their and then.

Fourth, is the attire of the bride. Your Mehendi dress has to be comfortable and chick. As Indian brides have to apply Mehendi on foot as well, the dress has to be comfortable. Some brides opt for regular comfortable lowers and t-shirt and apply their Mehendi during the day. Then, at the function in the evening, they can wear a simple elegant saree or a dress when the Mehendi gets dried up. So, everything has to be planned accordingly and well before time.

Fifth, point to be considered is the time and invitation notifications or messages to be circulated. You can keep an entire day ceremony at a farmhouse if it’s a winter wedding. People can enjoy your Mehendi in a farmhouse and leave at the time comfortable for them. This way, you will have an entire day to celebrate your function. If it’s a summer wedding, evening ceremony would be a better idea.

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