Indian Bridal Hairstyle Trending This Wedding Season

The most awaited wedding season of the year is finally year. The big fat Indian wedding is just a few months away and the bride to be are naturally tensed about their makeup and hair. There are ample varieties and options for Indian bridal hairstyles to confuse you. 

Here are some exclusively handpicked Indian bridal hairstyles to help you achieve the heavenly look. One thing you need to remember is, you need to choose a hairstyle that suits your face cutting. 

Bengali bridal hairstyle

Though most bengali brides use a veil to cover their head on their wedding day, there are yet some refreshing Bengali bridal hairstyle ideas that you can choose. To make it grand, maang tikka and decorative pins. You can also try out an embellished braid decorated with flowers and hair accessories. This would make you look more elegant and classy. 

South Indian bridal hairstyles

South Indian beauties are characterised by their luscious, black silky hair. Thus, there are ample exquisite south Indian bridal hairstyles to enhance the South Indian bride’s look. Usually, the South Indian bride is styled with a voluminous braid decorated with lots and lots of flowers and gold accessories, a compulsion in South Indian weddings. 

Another bridal hairstyle that can be chosen and also looks awesome is the straight hair with a puff. This style suits almost everyone and can also be tried on short hairstyles. You can also try this hairstyle with a high puff which would give you a more classy and elegant look. 

Punjabi bridal hairstyles

There has been a number of variations in the realm of Punjabi bridal hairstyles- worn up, down, relaxed or even formal. The first hairstyle that we are going to discuss is the middle parted waves bridal hairstyle. 

Most of the Punjabi girls have gorgeous locks and how can you not flaunt them on your special day. A simple maang tikka and veil coupled with loose long hair is appropriate for your  wedding day. 

Another great option for Punjabi wedding hairstyles or the Punjabi bridal hairstyles is the dramatic center-parted bun. This opulent donut bun adds a twist to the basic donut bun. Complete the look with a basic maang tikka and you’re good to go.

Ambada hairstyle

The Ambada hairstyle is simultaneously minimalist and gorgeous. If you are the one who chooses simple over gorgeous then ambada judas are the best you can choose matched with a flower wreath. 

You can also go for a nice minimalist variation with a small mandala jewelry on the juda hairstyle. Another great ambada hairstyle look is with the chained ambada that goes all around your juda and sometimes also on the sides of your hairdo.

The main essence of Ambada hairstyle is a juda-inspired one and is also one of the best Indian bridal hairstyles with flowers- mogra being the best choice. 

Hairstyles for long hair

You should count yourself blessed if you have a long mane and you can style your hair in various creative ways. 

Long hair gives you the opportunity to play with your hair so go ahead with braids and coil it up any way you want. Remember, Sonam Kapoor’s mehendi hairstyle! If you have long hair and want an ethnic look, go ahead with this look. 

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