India – The Land Of Delectable Sweets


You must be remembering that scene from the blockbuster movie Queen where the protagonist makes the Italians eat spicy “GolGuppas”? But let me tell you that Indian cuisine is not only about spicy curies. It has a lot more in its store. The sweet items here are equally famous and sought after. One needs to witness the queue in front of local sweet shops during festivals to understand the craziness for sweets. Diwali sweets like KajuKatli, Jalebi, and Laddoos offers great taste to people and form an important part of festivals.

Have a look at our own sweet items and order some for your loved ones to seal the special moments with happiness.

1. Kaju Barfi– The extremely popular sweet dish made out of cashew nuts, milk, and sugar is something that one cannot miss while hosting a get together of family. Richness of cashews when melt in your mouth, it leaves you craving for more. In all our festive occasions, this sweet dish is packed very carefully for our loved ones.

2. Gulab Jamun – This medieval period sweet dish was brought to India by Persian traders. It is made out of curdled milk and sugar syrup. Immensely juicy, this mouth-watering sweet preparation is best served hot. And it is a must for marriage occasions.

3. Kheer – It is also known as Payasam, Payesh, Ksheeram, and fereni in some parts of our country. The ingredients here are – rice, tapioca, broken wheat, vermicelli, milk, and sugar or jaggery. It is then garnished with almonds, raisins, nuts, saffron strands, etc. This sweet item is often prepared at home on any occasion like birthday, anniversary, marriage, etc. There are variations of it as well. Like some also prepare kaddu or laukikakheer where ingredients are gourd instead of rice or vermicelli.

4. Laddoo – Heavenly golden yellow colored sweet dishes made of semolina, chick pea flour, are mixed into clarified butter and then given a round shape. It is the primary sweet for Diwali but it is also served in other festivals. People worship Lord Ganesha during Diwali and Laddoo is the favorite sweet item of Ganesha and that’s why it is often identified as a Diwali sweet.

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