Dating is a part of everyone’s life. Also, communication has become super easy. You can send an email, message or even give call and connect on a video call. These all are popular tools of the online dating world. Apart from that, there are social media networks as well. There has been a lot of advancement in the technology world and thus, a lot has become possible because of that. 

Hence, a lot of people are even dating women from different countries. A lot of men are intrigued with Asian women, especially Philippine women. However, there are certain things that you must remember before dating a Filipino women. Read on to find out.


  • Gentleman is the key


Well, not for Philippine women, but for women in general this trait works. If you want to date women, then you should develop this quality. Women appreciate and love this particular trait of men. It is quite attractive and scintillating for a woman to resist a gentleman. 


The usual gentleman qualities are:

  • Keep your language in check all the times
  • Hold the door open for her when you go to a restaurant or a store
  • Having a good hygiene
  • Being a man of your words
  • Give sincere compliments
  • Using the basic manners of saying, “Thank you” and “Please”
  • Dressing up properly when going out with her
  • Being attentive to what she is saying


Well, these are basic gentleman traits but, Philippine women take them very seriously. Hence, if you are looking to impress a Philippine woman then learn all of them and engrave them in your mind. Also, this makes you look more attractive for a Filipino woman. 



  • Speak to her in her dialect


Well, this is one thing that is very necessary in Philippines dating. When you learn her native dialect, she definitely gets impressed. This just shows to her that you are taking interest in her and making an effort to know about her culture. If not everything, you can at least learn some sweet words from her dialect. Even this will impress her for sure. Try saying things like, “Mahalkita” and she will surely be head over heels for you. Just remember that a little effort can go a very long way when it comes to impressing Filipino woman.


  • Be Polite


You need to be very careful when dealing with Filipino women. They are a bit reserved and sensitive. Hence, make sure your behaviour is proper with her. Also, behave properly with others when she is around, otherwise she will judge you. In the beginning, do not ask her sexual and offensive questions. She will take some time in opening with you as they are usually very reserved. Let them open up with you. Do not make sexual advances and innuendos before that or else she might lose interest in you. She might not even meet you for the second time if you behave inappropriately in the first date.


  • Make sure to be generous


If you are dating a girl, it is quite obvious that you buy her things. This is a basic rule which remains the same across various nations. However, if you are dating a Filipino girl from a long time, then get presents for her family. This will mean a lot to her. Apart from that, you can even take the lead and treat them to a short tour. Such kind of gestures make a Philippine girl very happy. It will show her that you are serious about her and you will be able to retain her for a long time. However, if you have just started dating, then get gifts for her. Also, make sure to pay for dinners and coffee every time you meet her.


  • Remember to take things slow


It is important to understand that a Filipino woman is conservative. Hence, take things slow with her. Do not expect her to let you touch her and kiss her in the first date. They are brought up and raised in a very different culture. They are quite shy when it comes to men. Just make sure to feel her comfortable while hanging out. Also, let 3-4 dates pass and then let her hold your hand. After that, you can initiate kissing.


  • Do not give up easily


It is important to understand that Filipino women usually play really hard to get. So, do not judge to quickly and do not give up easily. It is not that she is not interested in you. Just make sure to give it some time. You need to understand that once you gain her love and trust, you will be glad that you never gave up. This is because they are the most loving and committed partners. Also, they make a really beautiful wife.


  • Maintain a good personal hygiene


Smelling good and looking neat is very important for a Filipino woman. Hence, make sure that you are presentable every time you meet her or else she can reject you on that basis. Just remember that first impression is the last impression for a Philippine woman.

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