Important tips to help you plan a beautiful baby shower

If you are recently given the job of planning a baby shower, you might feel a little overwhelmed especially if you haven’t organized one before. Do not be too confused about the whole thing, as it is not so difficult to plan a beautiful baby shower that will make the mom-to-be so happy and thrilled. One of the biggest things that you need to do first is to set a date and a time. You need to consult with the mom to be, of a date that is convenient for her. You also need to find the most convenient and also beautiful place to hold the shower.

Next you need to make a guest list and a budget, these are two very important things that cant be overlooked at the initial stage of planning. If you feel like the planning is a little too hard to do alone, ask a friend or a relative of the mom to be, to help you with the planning of the event. You should first see how much of a budget that you are planning to allocate for the event, and then speak with the mom to be and find out who she wants present at the shower. Then you can finalize your guest list accordingly.

You need to give a lot of thought about gifts for the shower. Raising a baby requires so much of support and also a lot of material and equipment. If you go to a baby store you will find out about so many baby equipment that are there for different needs of the baby. One of the things you will notice is that these items are quite costly, so you can actually make a list of important baby items and ask the guests to bring them to the shower. If you are looking for a perfect gift, you can try giving a baby gift hamper that includes many goods and useful items for the baby.

You need to also make sure that you send out invitations way before the date so that people have ample time to RSVP as well as enough time to find the ideal gifts for the mom to be and the baby. You can find cute baby shower invitation designs online, that you can find inspiration from when you are making the invitations for the shower.

It is also important that you decide on the menu and the décor for the day. The menu should be decided based on the time of the day, and the amount of people present. Mostly at baby showers, they serve finger foods and soft drinks or tea which can be convenient as well as practical as most baby showers are held during the evening tea time.  When you are deciding on décor, make sure that you take into mind, the venue and also the theme of the shower. If the baby’s gender is already revealed you can decorate the venue in suitable colours and decorations. You can also make the event a little fun by organizing a few games for the guests.

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