Important Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Baby Cots

Your baby’s going to spend a huge amount of the first two to three years of their lives in a crib, so make sure you see it as an investment, meaning getting one,  that is built to last and the safest crib possible. Your baby crib should meet the required safety standard for maximum assurance. To let your baby develop at their best you need to ensure that they complete their sleep regularly. In order to provide a comfortable sleep experience, it becomes mandatory to give your baby a good bed that makes them feel relaxed and cosy. Therefore, many parents try to find timber cots in Australia as they provide great comfort, safety and appeal.

It can be challenging to decide on a perfect baby cot that has all the desired features like safety, practical and stylish design, and durability. However, there are always some essential factors to consider when buying stylish baby furniture like cots. Remember to look for below list to choose the most suitable cot for your toddler:

1.      Safety: The depth of the baby cot should deep enough to let your baby stay inside it. Otherwise, babies might easily come out and risk their safety. The gap between the bars should be lesser than 9.5 cm so that babies do not get themselves stuck in between the bars. Find out the paint used is not dangerous as many times babies try to eat their bed edges. It is a very common thing that every baby does. Therefore, test the edges sharpness to ensure that it is not harmful or dangerous for our baby’s safety. 


2.      Base height: Base height is another important factor to consider when buying a baby cot. For newborns, the base height should be on a higher setting. For the toddlers, keep it at          a lower setting. In most of the baby cots nowadays you can change the height as per your preferences. So make sure the height lock is proper and has a safety feature. While making your final choice, keep this height adjustment factor in     mind and choose a cot with an efficient adjustable base height setting.


3.      Stay alert in identifying danger element in a cot: Before buying any furniture for your baby, it is imperative to look for pros and cons closely. Check out size, fitting, finish, and material involved to know if they make reliable and safe furniture for your little sweetheart.  Look for the edges, sharp edges can be risky for toddlers who like to hang on to the sides of their cot. In addition, there should be any nail or spike coming out from anywhere as it can hurt your little one adversely. Thus, focus on these aspects closely to select a perfect baby cot.


4.      Take care of Teething rails: When choosing a baby cot for your baby, do not forget about teething rail. Once your baby will have teeth, you will need extra teething rails to ensure that babies do not harm themselves while biting the rail. In addition, an extra rail can help you to maintain the look of your baby cot in case you want to donate it after using it.


5.      Have you heard of convertible cots?: Those are perfect when you are planning for the long term. If you are one among such parents, you can have a convertible cot, which can be transformed into bed later. For parents who prefer to have durable furniture, convertible cots cum bed are the best option.  


6.      Do you prefer to drop side?: Drop-side cots are very traditional. Most parents do not prefer these as it can be    hazardous for your baby’s health. The drop side is not exactly what you need as, in Australia, parents find it little unconvincing. Fixed baby cots are considered more reliable and safe. 

Wrapping Up

If you consider all these factors before buying your first cot, you will end up exactly the perfect one. 

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