Protect with Style: Important Sunglasses Facts That Can Save Your Eyes


Although many of us see sunglasses as the ultimate fashion accessory, the truth is that this chic adornment we love so much has a much higher purpose than we originally thought. The invention of sunglasses dates back to prehistoric times, when Inuit people wore ivory-made sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful sun’s radiation. As the years progress and global warming starts taking its toll, the necessity of sunglasses becomes much more pronounced. Here you can find out all about harmful radiation, the role of sunglasses and how to pick the right pair for yourself.


What Is UV Radiation?

According to the American Cancer Society, UV radiation is the emission of electromagnetic radiation. The main source of ultraviolet radiation are sun’s rays, but radiation can also be man-made (tanning beds for example). There are three main types of radiation and they can be grouped as UVA, UVB and UCA rays, the latest of which being the most harmful. These types of radiation have many negative consequences for humans as too much exposure to these rays may cause sunburn, allergic reactions, weakened immune system, eye problems and, in more severe cases, even cancer.


How Does UV Radiation Harm the Eyes?

Human eyes are designed in a way to offer a certain amount of protection from different factors such as debris, dirt and sun rays. Eyebrows, eyelashes, blinking and closing of the eyelids are all results of evolution, designed to help us protect our eyes. Of course, no matter how advanced these mechanisms are, their protectiveness is quite limited. There is still quite a number of conditions that affect the human eye and most of them are a result of harmful UV radiation. Photokeratitis and are only two possible reactions to these rays. There have also been cases of pterygium, cataracts and even eye cancer, melanoma being one of the most frequent malignant cancers.


How Can Sunglasses Help?

Other than the fact that your favorite pair of shades can significantly improve your looks, they can also drastically improve your eye health. Let’s put it this way: there’s more about sunglasses than meets the eye. Puns aside, these decorative pieces actually contain different protective layers, designed to keep your eyes from harm. The first layer is the antireflective coating, which is then followed by a lens with UV coating, polarizing film, scratch-resistant coating and finally – the mirror coating, which deflects the light in bright conditions. A right pair of shades can help you block nearly 99% of these harmful rays, which is quite effective.


How to Pick the Right Sunglasses?

While picking out the right sunglasses might be tricky at first, the key is knowing what to look for. The best way to find good sunglasses is to read the labels and look for those shades that offer 99-100% protection. Also, when it comes to sunglasses, size does matter, so remember that bigger is definitely better, as it offers more protection. Of course, if you’re looking for quality shades, the best solution is to find certified sellers such as Sunglasses Warehouse and purchase designer sunglasses that offer protection. Remember that the right pair of sunglasses should be both fashionable but also serve their purpose.

There are many different ways to protect yourself and your eyesight from UV radiation and sunglasses are definitely the most effective method of protection. Of course, the key is to find a quality pair that will suit you and to wear them on regular basis, even on cloudy days. It’s also a good idea to consult with your optometrist to get a better insight in what kind of sunglasses are best for you.

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