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Important Nutrition Tips for Tackling Chemotherapy Side-Effects - Likeitgirl

Important Nutrition Tips for Tackling Chemotherapy Side-Effects

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment, you would need to be as comfortable, fit, and healthy as possible to withstand the chemotherapy side-effects and achieve your overall well-being goals.  Radiation and chemotherapy treatments could be distressful for many cancer patients. Here are some important nutrition tips that would be helping you in warding off unpleasant side-effects related to the harsh cancer therapies and treatments.

Coping With Chemotherapy Side Effects

Make Your Food More Palatable: Certain food items would be tasting unpleasant and would be leaving a metallic taste in your mouth. Meat and water would taste awful under the impact of chemotherapy. Try drinking the easily available flavored mineral water. Avoid meats if unpalatable instead enjoy alternative protein sources such as fish, eggs, beans, and low-fat dairy etc.

Combat Constipation: Some patients would be suffering from constipation while others would be having diarrhea issues under the effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Try incorporating all kinds of fiber in your core meals every day. Try doing some workouts or just indulge in 15 to 20-minute walk that could prove to be a robust intestinal stimulant.

Boost Your Appetite:  Many patients undergoing the harsh chemotherapy may suffer from loss of an appetite. Since we know that carbohydrates are generally well-digested, nutrition experts suggest pita bread and hummus, toast with butter, hot cereals etc. You may also try blended soups and incorporate yogurt in your meals.

Get Relief from Diarrhea: In case you are experiencing bouts of diarrhea, you must consider avoiding fried and greasy foods, fruit juices, caffeine, salad greens, sugar alcohols, and sugary drinks. Some foods that are usually well-tolerated by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are sweet potatoes, oatmeal, squash, and peeled fruits etc.

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Feel Fine during Chemotherapy

Treat Mouth Sores

Certain kinds of chemotherapy could be triggering mouth sores called oral mucositis. To boost healing, you must make it a point to avoid hot temperature foods, alcohol, and spicy foods. Keep your mouth nicely moist so drink lots of fluids all through the day. Keep rinsing your mouth consistently with tepid salt water for relief from mouth sores.

Stay Properly Hydrated

You may experience signs of dehydration including sunken eyes, sticky mouth, dry mouth, no production of tears, low urine output etc. You must make it a habit to drink plenty of water to get rid of dehydration.

Conclusion: Ensuring Good Health Even During Chemo

You may avoid green tea and alcohol. You must try to be less harsh on your liver as it helps in metabolizing all potential toxins present in your bloodstream. Avoid dietary supplements while undergoing chemotherapy. Follow the advice of the doctor and take good care of yourself for a speedy recovery.

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