Important Elements of Natural Play Spaces in Childcare

Natural play spaces in childcare are a very important part of any childcare and children love to spend their time in the outdoor spaces. If you are looking out for any things from the natural to add in your outdoor space then you have landed at the right place. Here are 6 things that you can borrow from the natural world to add in the natural play spaces. These elements are natural, harmless and develop many skills in kids.

Read on Below to Grab Some Ideas:

Recycled things:

Recycling is the most eco-friendly method. Using recycled materials will help kids to understand the importance of nature. It is a wise idea to include recycled entities from nature in the park. You can also indulge the kids in creative activities to decorate the park. This is a budget-friendly option with which you can make perfect outdoor play spaces. You can include the following things:

•    Shade structures

•    Stools and tables, climbing walls, caves hills made from tree stumps.

•    Tree houses

Water: Water appeals to every child and adult alike.  You can have a water tank of small size but you must ensure water safety.   You can also teach (whom?) the children how to conserve and save water to stop the water wastage. They can also water the vegetation in the garden. This will make them more responsible and it is a fantastic tool for learning. You can tell them about drought and floods and the role of plants to control this.  You can create small water projects and models for demonstration.

Sand: Whenever we go to sea beach with our kids we see how much they love to play with sand so having it in Natural play spaces in childcare will be a great experience for kids.  Sand has a different texture that kids can feel against their skin and they simply love it. Sand play is very enjoyable and important in the development of some special skills in children; you can give them a plastic shovel, a toy truck or just let them make castles in the sand.  It helps them to work in a team with fewer resources when they make castles in sands. They will also develop patience and tolerance for each other which are a compelling need today.  This also helps in building trust between the kids and their childcare professional.

Rocks and pebbles

You can give the rocks and pebbles of different sizes in Natural play spaces in childcare. They will have endless opportunities for them to incorporate into play.  You can also teach them to count with the help of stone and pebbles. They can use them to build some creative structures as well.  They can be used for climbing, balancing, dramatic play as well as investigation you can also teach them about Stone Age.  They are also superb addition in the sand play.  (Makes no sense) You will be amazed to see how creatively kids can use them.

Plants: You can have a section of different kind of plants, like flowers, vegetable of fruit-bearing plants. If you don’t have enough space you can have the plants in the pots as well.  You can let children water the plants and develop a special skill in gardening.  You can also tell them about photosynthesis and how plants make food and why they are so important for humans and why it is important to plant trees during outdoor activities.

Animals: If you have a place then having some animals like ducks, rabbits, rats or parrots is great in the outdoor space. Kids love animals and it in builds a sense of responsibility in them.   It also teaches them how to care and love animals. They are a great part of natural play spaces I childcare.

It is a growing trend in the world to create natural playgrounds for the children. Children can enjoy playing and running around in open spaces while the materials borrowed from nature enable children to construct new objects and express their creativity.

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