Benjamin Franklin’s famous adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true for carpet maintenance as well. Carpet cleaning not only refreshes it or increases the lifespan of carpet but also has immense health benefits. One of them is preventing respiratory ailments. Clean carpet gives your respiratory health strength because of inhaling clear and pure air, the air free of dust, allergens and other irritating elements. According to health experts, Asthma develops due to irritants and matters that push the triggers which cause breath route to contract, swell, and produce glut of mucus. Air quality of home room or office room depends on cleanliness of your carpet. For clean air around you often carpet clean is recommended.

Carpet cleaning is important element of preventing asthma. As mentioned before asthma is caused by presence of floating bacteria, dust, pollen, fungus spores, dust bugs, domestic animals residues and insect wastes in the atmosphere. Regular vacuuming and on and off professional deep cleaning cleans the dust, allergens and harmful microorganisms which causes asthma. Person suffering from asthma also tells when to clean the carpet completely. Carpet cleaning can help improve the symptoms and chances of asthma especially when your all rooms are carpeted.

There are certain reasons, going to be mentioned hereafter, why the carpets enhances asthma chances and there cleaning prevents the asthma. Carpet absorbs from and after that disseminates allergens in your breathing zone. Nothing to worry about it, just clean it in a right way. Because these allergens are captivated by the fitted carpet in your home, the perfect cleaning is type through which the vacuuming machine captures the allergens and all dust particles and irritating substances present in the air.

This cleaning is best done by (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered vacuum. These are effective than orthodox vacuum machines. Carpet cleaning lessens dirt attack and improves the air quality. Not only regular cleaning prevents the asthma but preventing allergens entry is also suggested. Foot mate at entrance make the comer wipe its shoes or put off the shoe there, it lessen the chances of dust capture in carpet.

One cause of asthma is mold and carpet vacuuming reduces the mold. This is cause by constant moisture in the room. It flares the allergens to move freely in the room. These allergens than have easy access to the respiratory system. Make sure the moisture level of your room is not excessive. If there is any spill, dry it immediately. For humidity there are special cleaning machines which have higher suction rates.

Another reason of asthma due to carpet is Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). This component is used in household cleaning agent. Carpet absorbs them and emits them in air thus causing asthma fit. Cleaning carpet reduces the chances. That is why the carpets needs frequent deep, cleansing and sanitized after certain duration. Carpets in busy place shall be cleaned more often.



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