Ideal Type of Glasses with the Face Shape Coordination

With thousands of eyeglasses present in the market, you get millions of options for finding the new pair. Don’t go all carried away from the numerous designs and colours but find the glasses that go great with your face shape. Face shape is an important element that should be taken into consideration while buying a new pair of glasses. Frames play a great role in style but also in-sync with your face type. It’s very important to match your face type with the glasses frames because it gives you comfort and matches your PD. Pupillary distance plays a great role in giving you the distance and spot of corrective vision in your lens. Since we all have different face types the distance of our respective PD differs and that’s when frames come into play. Your glasses need to sit properly on your face and shouldn’t slip away or cause discomfort. You can manage to eradicate such signs of inconvenience by selecting glasses that coordinate with your face shape. Select your new glasses according to your face shape.

Right frames for your Face Shape

Round Face – Square and Rectangle Frame

What is a round face? The round-shaped face is about the same width and length. Celebrities like Fergie and Emma stone have round faces. Round faces do not contain any definitive corners are the jaw. So, if your face shape is round then settle for frames with a sharp edge and angles to bring out your bone structure in your face. Let your eyeglasses make you look more elegant. Square and rectangle frames look great on round shape faces as they truly bring out sharpness and attention to your face. You can also use a cat-eye frame which also gives you an edge and draws attention to your eyes that makes it look fabulous. 

Oval Face – Lucky Human Beings on the Planet

It’s kinda natural privilege with oval face people that they can rock out any type of frame either it’s cat-eye, round glasses, rectangle or square glasses, aviators or double bridged eyeglasses. Throw them with any piece of trendy glasses with a new design, they’ll manage to look like a runway model. Just look at Halle Berry who can literally rock out any type of eyeglasses in the market. Although if you want to draw more attention to your face, you can get an oversized frame or bold solid coloured frame as that would look perfect. 

Heart Shape – Oversized Frame or Cat-eye Frame

The heart-shaped face is also known as the inverted triangle because their face shape is wider at the top and gradually narrow down at the chin. You must have seen this kind of face shape on celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Victoria Beckham. So, you should choose a pair of wider and oversized frames such as aviators or any frame in oversize. Oversized frames will draw more attention to your eye area and balance out the uneven gap of your face. You can also opt for cat-eye frames that will give a sharp edge to your eyes and bring out your eyes. 

Square Face – Round and Oval Frame

When you have a square-shaped face then all your measurements of width and length are uniform in size. Square face celebrities are Alicia Keys and Angelina Jolie who have kind of the same width of forehead and cheekbones. Since you already possess sharp edges in your face, it’s advisable to opt for the opposite type of frames to your face shape. So round and oval frame glasses are an ideal type of glasses as they balance out your face sharpness and gives you an adorable look.

Diamond Face – Embellished Cat- eye, Round or Oval frame

Rihanna and Serena Williams have diamond face shape and they are kind of unique face shape to own. When you have a diamond face shape, you have a longer sized face in length than it is wide, with wider cheekbones and narrower forehead and chin. To even out the uneven pattern, you should opt for smooth and softer frames like round and oval glasses. They perfectly balanced out your face design and make sure they are not oversized. If you are looking for something cooler, then you can also select embellished cat-eye frames to naturally highlight your eye area. 

Get them Online?

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