Over 30 degrees in the shade, first few days off for some or simply the beginning of summer season for others…it’s about time I introduced you to Hugo.

When I first met him 2 summers ago, it was introduced to me as the new trendy aperitif, about to overshadow the Spritz (which I don’t mind, not being a big fan of Spritz). Well, 2 years later, I am still to rarely exposed to it! Sparkling (we do love sparkling! Don’t we?), refreshing, light…it’s high time those who don’t know Hugo yet discovered it and adopted it. All my girlfriends who tried it (I know they’ll recognize themselves 😉 ) have asked for more. Here is the recipe, for only about 170 calories !!

  • 15 cl sparkling wine (Martini ® Brut will do perfectly)
  • 10 cl sparkling water (San Pellegrino, Perrier)
  • 2 cl elderflowers syrup
  • 2 slices lemon (one as decoration, please!)
  • A few peppermint leaves
  • Ice cubes

Mix it directly in a pretty wine glass containing the ice cubes. Pour the ingredients, use a pestle if you wish to better extract the peppermint and lemon flavors and stir briefly.

Just FYI, Hugo is a cocktail coming from South Tyrol (Italy), that once caused the stir in Bavaria, then conquered the rest of Germany before landing around here. Let me remind you that it contains only 170 calories (compared to 225 for a glass of kir, 240 for a glass muscat and up to 200 calories for a beer).

You can accompany it with (home made, always better) guacamole and hummus dips. Avocado and chickpeas are indeed very health and strongly recommended for a balanced figure! (Better with vegetable sticks rather than with nachos or lebanese bread 😉 ).


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