How Your Interior Colour Scheme Affects Your Mood

When choosing your interior design you must think about aesthetics. Like how to achieve the specific look you’re after, or which are the emerging design trends. But the decorating style is only one piece of the puzzle. There is also another important part of decoration that must be considered, and that is the effect of your interior design on your subconsciousness. You may not believe it, but the paint on your walls definitely affects your perceptions and mood. That’s why you need to know which are the perfect colours that will give you the right impression. Keep reading and learn more about the psychological side of the interior décor.

How Colours Affects Your Mood

The fact that colours are the main component of how you experience the world around you might not be a surprise, but there is something else to it. The colours in your environment have a definitive effect on your feelings and emotions as well.

1. Red

Passion, energy, and courage. That’s what red paint stands for. This is a great selection when battling diseases, too. But have in mind that a lot of red could make people more aggressive. Otherwise, it symbolizes power and also makes spaces more intimate. Red creates strong emotions and it’s associated with love and power. It could be used perfectly as an accent in your rooms.

2. White

Representing innocence and purity, it creates a sense of space and adds more highlights. Rooms all in white look spacious, but unfriendly and empty. It helps reduce any nagging feelings of drudge or disappointment.

3. Yellow

Joy, cheerfulness, battling depression. These are the main emotions yellow brings about. But it also stimulates the intellect, so if you have to learn a lot, you’ll be inspired and able to understand your materials better. But the cheery and warm mood that yellow brings is not all. That colour also tires the eyes a lot because of its light-reflecting abilities. Besides, be careful with it because it could make you angry. People are more likely to lose their temperament in yellow rooms, and that’s a scientific fact. So if you want to use it in your home interior, you must consider going with a paler shade of yellow.

If you can’t decide which is the proper colour palette that will go well with your mood, you can always consult colour specialists at your local painters’ service. They will help you to pick the hue that makes you happy and fits your home.

4. Orange

For those of you who want to promote your creative nature, this is an excellent choice. It’s perfect for people who want to get ahead in their career, and for students who are looking to get the extra motivation they need. And if you’re trying a new diet, you must avoid orange in your décor because it has a tendency to stimulate the appetite.

5. Green

Symbolising nature and the natural world, it represents good luck, health, and tranquillity. It helps relieve stress and helps to heal. Green is also the colour of stability and it’s an excellent fertility colour.

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6. Blue

If you want to feel more comfortable, secure, and relaxed, painting your walls blue might just do the trick. It’s used often in offices because research has shown that people are more productive in blue interiors. It helps incredibly to those who are looking to come home and find the serene environment they need after a long, hard day’s work.

7. Purple

The colour which symbolises royalty and wealth is purple. Use shades of violet really make a statement. Light purple might be a good paint colour for a young girl’s room because it is seen as a feminine colour. And the more mature-looking, darker shades of purples bring about feelings of royalty and wisdom.

8. Brown

It stands for strength and reliability. These are the feelings you can easily bring about simply by using brown paint in your home. This neutral colour also gives a feeling of security and belongingness. It can be combined with brighter paint like shades of yellow, light blue, and orange. Brown is perfect for the bedroom, because it blends well with the darkness, providing you with undisturbed sleep. 

9. Black

This is the colour that absorbs all light. It symbolises evil but is popular as an indicator of power. Unhappiness, sexuality, and sophistication are the first things which come to your mind when looking at black walls. But it’s not all bad. Black also gives a classic look to the room. Combined with white, it is the perfect dramatic contrast that you could go for. It is not recommended for smaller spaces as it will make them look even smaller, depressing, and restricting.


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