How You Can Increase Your Eyelash Extension Business

Learn Unique Ways with Abbie’s Esthetics on How You Can Increase Your Eyelash Extension Business

Having long thick lush curled eyelashes is perhaps a dream of every girl. You would find many females searching for remedies for increasing their eyelashes’ length and making them look healthy. To have a fluttering and dramatic look, they either apply mascara or fake eyelashes while some even opt for eyelash extensions.

And when eyelash extension becomes your dream business, it’s just like icing on the cake. You find abundant options on how you can grab the attention of long eyelash seekers. Abbie’s Esthetics is one of these which offers free shipping for lash supplies including artificial eyelashes, tweezers, many eyelash accessories and lash cleansers. It also offers booth rentals to girls interested in running their eyelash extension businesses and many eyelash online courses to train you and make you expert.

Starting your business is not a difficult job but how you run it matters! The following are some tips that would help you on how you can make a copious profit with your eyelash extension business.

Always Capture Captivating Photos

Eyelash extensions are all about the visual appeal which is why top-notch photos of your extensions are a necessity. If your website or social media pages feature beautiful lash extension photos, potential clients will feel compelled to make an appointment, while dark, badly lit, blurry, or unflattering pictures may keep them away.

In case, you can’t take a professional photo, it’s recommended that you hire a professional who will make the most of the lighting and camera settings to get you the best possible photos.


Currently, advertising is the best tool that you can use for promoting your eyelash extension business. Although you need to invest some money initially, it’s always worthwhile. It will pay you back once your business expands and people are attracted to your lash supplies. You can earn plentiful website hits through YouTube, Facebook, and Google Ads without running out of your budget.

Ask Your Clients to Rebook

You feel so overwhelmed when your client buys your lash supplies and loves them for the first time. You feel like they are your permanent buyers while that’s not always the case. Pulling the same client is not that difficult as pulling the new ones because you don’t need to spend money on advertising.

The easiest way to increase your eyelash extension business is by rebooking your client at the end of each appointment. This makes life easier for them since they won’t have to remember to call, and it automatically helps keep your calendar full.

Use a Professionally Designed Website

Never use a website to advertise your lash supplies which is not authorized or licensed and gives an unprofessional look. Because that will turn off your clients giving you a huge loss ultimately.

Using always a fully functional, clean, appealing web design attracts your clients to visit and spend time navigating. Your web designer should build in SEO and sale tools that will help in growing your eye extension business even more.

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