How yellow sapphire stone helps to Increase your luck?

The Pukhraj gemstone is a silicate mineral including aluminum and fluorine. In the cultural language, Pukhraj is called Pushparag. Like Amaltas flowers, yellow sapphire is considered is the best stone among all astrological stones.

Facts and benefits of a yellow sapphire stone

Pukhraj is a very beautiful gemstone in yellow color. It is considered a gemstone of the planet Jupiter. The quality of yellow sapphire is determined based on size, color and purity. Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is present in almost every color, but the person should wear these yellow sapphire according to their zodiac sign.

Facts about yellow sapphire stone

  • It’s said about yellow sapphire that those people who have weak Jupiter in their horoscope should wear yellow sapphire.
  • Wearing a yellow sapphire is considered to be extremely beneficial for the people of the zodiac sign Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac sign.

Yellow sapphire stone benefits

  • Wearing Pukhraj increases honor and wealth.
  • This gem also provides success in the field of education.
  • With this gem, people start getting interested in religious and social work.
  • Wearing yellow sapphire is also advised to avoid interruptions in marriage and loss in business.

Health Benefits of Yellow sapphire

  • Astrologers believe that those who have problems with chest pain, breathing, throat etc. should wear yellow sapphire.
  • Yellow sapphire is also used to relieve ulcers, arthritis, diarrhea, impotence, TB, heart, knee and joint pain.

How to & who should wear yellow sapphire stone

Yellow sapphire should be worn on Thursday. Before wearing, yellow objects, especially those related to Jupiter, should be donated. Some items related to Jupiter like banana, turmeric, yellow cloth etc. It is believed that the weight of Pukhraj should be 5.25 Ratti, 9.25 Rati, 12.25 Ratti wearer can wear according to their weight. Before wearing Pukhraj, it should be properly worshiped. One should not wear yellow sapphire or other gems without consulting the astrologer and seeing the horoscope.

Substitute stone of yellow sapphire

If wearer can’t afford yellow sapphire stone then In the place of the yellow sapphire wearer can wear citrine, yellow agate, yellow topaz stone. But wearer will not get complete benefits of yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire stone advantages

Pukhraj represents the Jupiter planet! It is a very precious yellow color gemstone, as much as it is valuable, the workability of this gem is in vogue! By wearing this gemstone, one gets divine kindness! In my personal experience, wearing Pukhraj wearer starts getting financial benefits from different paths, so I believe that to get rid of financial problems and get progress in life, the person must have his horoscope analyzed and wear yellow sapphire! Wearing a yellow sapphire gives good health, financial benefits, long life and prestige!

Girls who are getting late in their marriage must wear yellow sapphire, in my experience, wearing a yellow sapphire is a good marriage for a girl. Couples who have a longing for a son must also wear Pukhraj as Jupiter is both a husband and a son, but I am repeating again that you should consult an experienced astrologer before wearing any gemstone!

Method of wearing yellow sapphire

If you want to wear Pukhraj, the gemstone of the god Jupiter, then put Pukhraj of 3 to 5 carats in a gold or silver ring and wear it on any Shukla Paksha, after making the sunrise after the sun rises! For this, first put the ring in milk, honey, Ganges water, and sugar solution, then burn the five incenses the names of Brahasati Dev and pray that O Brahaspati Dev I hold your representative gemstone yellow sapphire to get your blessings. Please give me your blessings!

After removing the ring, turn from the top of the incense sticks 108 times and chant the ॐ Brahm Braspatiya Namah, and then touch the ring at the feet of Vishnu and hold it in the index finger! In order to get the good effects of Brahaspati, the top grade silhouette should be Pukhraj, it starts giving effect within 30 days of wearing Pukhraj and gives full effect for about 4 years and then becomes dormant! After becoming inactive, you can wear a new yellow sapphire again! For good effect, the color of the yellow sapphire should be light yellow and stain-free, there should be no defect & unheated and untreated yellow sapphire, otherwise auspicious effects may be reduced!

Natural of yellow sapphire mines

Pukhraj is also extracted from the mines as a crystal. Its mines are mainly in Russia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Norway and Italy. But the best yellow sapphire is found in Brazil. Yellow sapphire is also found in the Himalayan region of India.

Note: If there is any problem, contact astrological consultation. If you want to know more about gems or rudraksha according to your zodiac or horoscope or looking astrological advice. If anyone has doubts related to astrology or Vastu, then you can ask questions, our astrologer team will try best to clear all doubt. Our astrological team tries to give you full support.

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