Tie and dye dresses are typically associated with hippies, and they make you look chic. The year of 2019 happens to make tie-dye trend a fashion obsession. Social media and fashion magazines are loaded with pictures of celebrities and models flaunting away the pattern. 

However, tie-dye is quite versatile, as it comes with several color collections, exciting patterns and intensity. The recent trends we saw on fashion runways showcased muted or monochromatic designs rather than the typical tie-dye we all have seen since our childhood. Tie-dye dresses are so chic and trendy. You’ll see a lot of women wearing these dresses everywhere including celebrities. Although they may seem a little too casual, these cute dresses are pouring down everywhere. 

Many major brands, such as Prada, have launched a beautiful collection of tie-dye dresses. Now, we understand that everyone may not be able to afford them; here come the wholesale tie-dye dresses for rescues. You can find elegant and pretty wholesale tie-dye girl’s dresses, that will pull off your outfit.  

If you are not sure about how to style your tie-dye dress and are being an experimental glory, then we mentioned ways in which you can embrace this trend. 

Add a Denim Jacket to the Outfit: a beautiful tie-dye dress paired up with a classic denim jacket look vintage. The blue color of the denim jacket will bring out the hues in the suit, which everyone will appreciate. Also, not necessary but you can add a hat to the look! This idea is best for an everyday casual look or a brunch date with your girlfriends. 

Go for Oversized Shirtdress: to look more funky, comfortable, and wear it all day summer look, all you need is an oversized shirtdress. Toss up an oversized shirtdress with your favorite fleets and call it the best day. Everyone will love your outfit and you will be all blushing away! Looks like these end up being everyone’s favorite as they require almost zero efforts and who doesn’t want that? 

Go for Rainbow Style Dress: rainbow styled dresses are for the girls who love to go bold! If you are the one who is not afraid to do experiments, then girl this one trend is for you. However, you can style it with a black choker and a bun or beachy waves. To add more beauty to the outfit all you need to do is choose the perfect pair of shoes. 

Add Seashell Jewellery to the Outfit: seashell jewelry with a long tie-dye dress sounds like a perfect couple together. If you are the one who loves all those hippie vibes, then girl, this is what you need to look all hippie! Also, this outfit can be right for a beach party. All you have to do is select the perfect jewelry for yourself! 

Add a Black Bag: yes, you heard it right! Carry a black colored bag with your simple tie-dye dress and see everyone stopping by you. This look comes out to be very calm and you can wear it to your college as well and stand out. 

Try the Button-Down Dress: Prada nailed the tie-dye game by coming out with a gorgeous button-down dress. It looks chic and beautiful at the same time and looks something outside the box. The subdued pastel colors are really in demand from this style and are show offered by many Instagram bloggers. Also, if you style the dress correctly, it will bring you from the beach cover-up to the correctly belted mini dress in no time. 

These were some of the fantastic ideas to pull off the tie-dye dress.  

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