How to Wear and Style Your Pencil Skirt

Sleek, chic and endlessly elegant, pencil skirts look amazing on any body type. This is part of the reason they’ve been insanely popular since they were first designed by Christian Dior in 1954. Rather than hiding curves, they hug them, celebrate them, and encourage us to flaunt our figures – tastefully.

Another part of what makes pencil skirts so popular is that despite their structured style, they’re actually quite versatile, lending themselves from everything from the perfect attire for brunch to a cocktail party. You just have to know how to style it.

Rules of Wear

Your pencil skirt is meant to sit high, roughly an inch above your belly button. While this is the most slimming way to wear this skirt, you can also scootch it down, so it sits on your hips, proving these it meets these contingencies:

  • It should fit snugly at the waist and hips, right down to the hem.
  • It should fall to the knee.
  • Also, make sure that it fits smoothly around your backside, with no creases and without being so tight that people can see the stitches in the seams of your underwear.

How to Style Your Pencil Skirt

Shirt in or out?

Either can be fine, actually, depending on the nature of the shirt. Just keep in mind that tucking in your shirt will always give your figure more umph, which can be handy if your hip-to-waist ratio is negligible since it creates the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Shirts to tuck in:
Tank tops

Shirts to leave out:
Crop tops
Boxy blouse/shirt – provided it’s belted!
Knitwear – again, should be belted or be a crop

Try this! The Belted Jacket

As a finishing touch, a belted jacket de-emphasises your waist by making it the smallest part of your torso. Again, this is perfect if you have narrower hips and want to add more Va Voom to your silhouette. Since it moves the eye up, toward your actual waistline (two finger widths above your belly button), it also creates the look of longer legs.

Footwear for Pencil Skirts

If you really want a polished, sophisticated look, aim for heels, especially pointed heels. They don’t have to squeeze your toes into oblivion, or be so high you can’t walk, but a little heel and a little edge can go a long way. Other sensational heeled options include ankle boots and knee boots, as well as a pair of sexy, strappy sandals.

If you want to keep things low key, opt for a pair of ballet flats, or – if you have a more casual pencil skirt – even gladiator sandals.

The main thing, of course, is to express your own sense of style. Use this article for guidelines, sure, but don’t shy from making bold statements. Want to colour block your look by pairing a bright pink crop top with your red leather pencil skirt? Go for it! Want to layer a belted jean vest over a lace bodysuit with a patterned cotton pencil skirt? Sounds amazing!

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