How to wear accessories for every occasion

Knowing how to accessorise well is not an easy accomplishment. What works for a dinner may not work for a lunch. To help you get it right here are some basic tips on how to accessorise, taking your outfits from boring to brilliant with women accessories.

Your most basic outfits for example in blacks, whites or neutrals are like blank canvases, and you can use them to project your mood or maybe a trend you are following by using the right accessories.

If you find yourself getting bored of your everyday wear, there is no need to dump them and start from scratch. These pieces of your wardrobe are meant to live in your closet forever, that is why you invested heavily in them in the first place. Not to worry though the most basic of your outfits and be totally revamped using a few but well-chosen and well-placed accessories. For example, you can wear your all-black outfit with red wedges and silver earrings.

The Matchy Matchy Aunty Dilemma

The days when your earrings had to match the colour of your shirt, or your shoes matching the shade of your handbag perfectly are long gone. We would suggest wearing a statement bag this season with a different colour set of shoes to give your look a modern and fresh feel. Try carrying a plum-coloured bag with nude-coloured heels, or a brightly coloured clutch in local embroidery with black heeled peep toes to get the attention you deserve. You can even try a very summery look by pairing summer slippers with jeans.  Jeans happen to be way more than just dress down pieces. If you pair them with more professional looking pieces like blazers and structured jackets, maybe a T – shirt in a solid colour (white being the safest). Having said that punch up your look with wedges in bold colours like red or mustard and leave your joggers at the gym!!!

Choosing a signature accessory and classic women’s jewelry

If you have way too many options to choose from try narrowing it down to one piece. A statement piece that makes you feel great and something that you can use with multiple outfits and on more than one occasion. If you still feel that you want to add more then remember to balance it out. Keep one piece that dominates your whole look and then add smaller pieces. You can try searching for stud earrings for women and you will come across many options that will help you decide on how subtle you want to keep your look. Time to dump those chunky pieces you have lying around since the 80’s. When you a lot going on in your outfit you need jewelry that completes your outfit not competes with it. For work keep it simple with a sleek bracelet which can actually live in your jewelry box forever— a modern look like white gold and dull silver— make it feel current.

All about colours and patterns

Scarves for women are a great way to add colour to your outfit. At this point we would like to recommend that you avoid animal prints as they can be very difficult to incorporate and balance but let’s go crazy this year with brightly coloured scarves to elevate your outfit. With the summers on their way fashion brands tend to lean on pastel shades and basic colours, so this is a perfect opportunity to introduce those vibrant fun colours that you have just been dying to play with. Wrap a patterned scarf around your neck, tie it on to your pony tail or on the handle of your bag. A printed scarf is like three accessories in one.

Keep your destination in mind

When it comes to style, rules today are much more lenient than they used to be. For instance, it’s quite acceptable to wear jewelry to work although you have to be mindful of your workspace. A long chain necklace or small silver ladies earrings may just turn out to be an ideal accessory for a day packed with meetings but it may not be ideal if you are teaching. The shimmer will distract more than extract. Same goes for baubles in your ears and a bright scarf may not be ideal if you are closing a legal corporate agreement.

Don’t overthink this

You don’t have to over think what matches and what works. Less could be more when accessorising. Too many of us tend to over compensate when we step out of the house. Remember you don’t have to use all of your accessories in one go. A discreet jewelry piece here, an understated bag there with a matching wedge will help you keep it classy. So, go ahead and revamp your wardrobe with just a few changes and you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference that it will make.



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