How to Use Meal Replacement Shakes Properly in Order to Lose Weight

I’m sure you have seen tons of ads for the latest, greatest weight loss program with before and after shots of people who have lost a bunch of weight. Some replacement shakes might actually work, but how can you tell difference?  You might even question whether you will actually lose weight replacing your breakfast or lunch with one of these shakes.

Studies Say Yes:

Actually, a Diabetes Spectrum study replaced 2 meals a day with a shake, hot chocolate, or soup lost 7.8% of their body weight after three months. Another group we not limited in what they ate, lost only 1.5% of their body weight, eating the same amount of calories each day.

The International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders analyzed different studies that compared reduced calorie diets with those that incorporated meal replacement shakes. Both groups lost weight in three months and then were analyzed again after one year. Their findings showed that the group who used meal replacement shakes lost more weight than the reduced calorie group.

How to Properly Implement Meal Replacement Shakes to Lose Weight:

Always read the nutritional labels of replacement meal shakes. The gram count of protein should be higher or equal to the grams found in carbohydrates. It will keep you full for a longer period of time and prevent your sugar level from dropping.

Rob Sulaver, certified sports nutritionist for Bandana Training. Com, believes meal replacement shakes are a healthy and convenient option when you just don’t have time to eat a healthy meal. If you know you are going to have a very busy day, bring one from home or have some in your refrigerator at work. It certainly will be a great deal more healthy than the vending machine around the corner!

Most nutritionists agree that people have difficulty consuming the right amount of protein during their lunch break. Having a nutritionally rich protein meal replacement shake along with a small salad is the perfect solution. It is noted, the shake should have approximately 200 calories and the salad between 200 to 300 maximum.

Keeping your blood sugar level is critical for losing weight and a protein-rich shake under 200 calories will keep your appetite in check during the 3:00 pm break.

Before And After Your Workout At The Gym:

It is strongly advised that you drink half a meal replacement shake 30 minutes before your workout.  Drink the other half after you have finished your workout. If like many people, you hit the gym during your lunch break, this is a great way to ensure you are full and have plenty of energy throughout the afternoon.

An Ice Cream Tip:

If you suffer from ice cream cravings, try blending a meal replacement shake with ice and vanilla extract. Not only will this satisfy your ice cream craving but you won’t have a sugar crash experience from sugar-loaded Ben & Jerry’s. You can choose whichever flavor shake pleases you best and enjoy a different ice cream craving for each day of the week!

Know What You Are Consuming:

Always read the labels on different meal replacement shakes. Stay away from those that are high in sugar and contain too many unhealthy additives. Protein, carbohydrates, and fiber are important elements that will help you shed pounds while maintaining good health.

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