How to Understand That You Need to Visit a Dentist

There are many people who suffer from teeth and oral cavity diseases. Affordable and high-quality dental care is one of the most significant medical and social problems. But today the field of dentistry has made a step forward.

Thanks to the knowledge and improvement of dentists, new diagnostic methods and modern materials, a visit to the dentist has become more comfortable and painless. It is necessary to visit the dentist twice a year, even if nothing bothers you. For example, to exclude diseases of the teeth and gums.

This way the treatment will be less costly and will help to prevent possible complications. And if there are doubts about the condition of the oral cavity, an examination at the dentist is all the more necessary.

Reasons for Visiting a Dentist

1. Tooth sensitivity to cold temperatures

Severe pain in the teeth when drinking cold liquids may occur due to the demineralization of enamel – an insufficient amount of minerals and calcium, and also due to the frequent use of abrasive whitening pastes. Together with the dentist, review your diet – it most likely lacks useful products for the teeth.

2. Bad breath

Yes, maybe you just forgot to brush your teeth. And maybe everything is much more serious. Bad breath (halitosis) may indicate a number of different diseases. Even about those that are not connected with teeth, but, for example, with the lungs or liver. So first, you need to visit the dentist – you could have dental deposits in the form of plaque and stones or develop gum disease.

3. Wrong bite

Do you close your mouth and your teeth close differently than before? Your bite has changed. It is necessary to visit the dentist as soon as possible, otherwise, it can lead to a loss of teeth.

4. Painful sensations from sweets, hot temperature or at night

Such a sign suggests a possible appearance of cavities (caries), which may result in inflammation of the nerve and make your teeth hurt. This, in turn, will lead to its removal and tooth prosthetics (dental crown). Pain when eating sweets can also occur due to wedge-shaped defects – thinning of the teeth near the gums or non-carious lesions as a result of an incorrect technique of using a toothbrush.

5. Bleeding gums

It does not matter if the gums bleed by themselves or while brushing your teeth, the trip to the dentist in such cases can’t be postponed. Otherwise, you will acquire diseases of the oral cavity or even lose your teeth.

6. Pregnancy or its planning

In this case, it is necessary to plan dental treatment in advance. During some periods of pregnancy, treatment and diagnostics cannot be performed. Caries as a source of infection adversely affects the baby and the woman’s body. Therefore, it’s best to get pregnant only with a healthy oral cavity. 

7. Discomfort in the jaw or joint

If during the opening or closing of the mouth there is a crunch, you feel and hear clicking in the joint of the lower jaw, you need to visit the dentist. Without taking any measures, you may experience neck pain, migraine, tinnitus, and toothaches when biting. In this case, even the face symmetry may change.

8. You have fillings, crowns, implants, veneers

To increase the service life of these structures, additional care, and a dental examination is necessary at least twice a year. Only a specialist can suggest the type of care you need. Do not use various home remedies, without the instructions of a doctor.

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