How To Unclog a Drain Without Toxic Chemicals

Unfortunately, we are not aware that our drains are clogged until it is too late. Whether they clog our bathroom or kitchen drain, the problem remains the same. Even though many chemicals can immediately help resolve and unclog the drains, that type of solution won’t help your drains in the long run, neither will it have positive outcomes. Many chemicals are extremely toxic and can severely damage your pipeline and plumbing, especially hurt your skin and eyes. Here are some more useful and toxic-free options that would help you unclog your drains equally effectively.

Kitchen baking soda and vinegar

Reasons for clogging are numerous. Fatty substances, food leftovers, and debris tend to clog kitchen sinks. The first solution would actually be to prevent food from going down the drains, and simply throw them either out, or in a trash bin. However, there are some simple toxic-free things that you can do unclog your kitchen drains. The first one is baking soda. Baking soda is like lava to the volcano. If you add vinegar to the drains after baking soda you will get a fantastic bubbly chemical reaction that will thoroughly unclog the drains. When you pour ¾ cup of baking soda and the same amount of vinegar and leave it for 30 minutes, you get a small volcanic blast that will throw out all the nasty stuff from your drains.

Plungers, snake, and other tools

This solution might sound too old-fashion, but believe it or not, it really does the job. The plunger can be rather useful for the wash basin if you have hair or small cotton balls stuck down there. There is a specialized plunger for cleaning smaller drains, so that is totally effective. On the other hand, a much more “nicer” cleaning version is using drain snakes. Snakes can be operated either manually or mechanically. The easier option is mechanical with the help of a motor which has blades that rotate and cut up any clogs caused by hair and other materials. There is also a clog grabber tool which is actually a stainless steel type of claw grabber. You just insert it into the drain and try to pull out hair or other solid obstructions.

Consult a professional

There will be a time when it is simply too late to unclog your drains by yourself.  That can happen when you don’t notice that there is a clog merely from the surface or when you have tried everything by yourself without result. Especially when all the previous mentioned methods don’t work. For any doubts, advice, and assistance you had better contact professionals like friendly folks at Jake’s Plumbing, who would help you resolve the nasty clogging and save your pipelines. It will be much usefull for them to unclog the drain because they have all the quality equipment and gadgets. They also don’t use any toxic chemicals, so they won’t damage your pipes.

Hot water and liquid soap

This might sound quite surprising, but hot water can clear out any oily debris that has clogged your drains. If the clogs are caused by grease and waxy components of conditioners and bodily oils, then liquid soap will also do the trick. You only need to squirt a good amount of liquid soap down the drain, and then let a hot water flow fiercely in order to unclog the drains. You should only have in mind that this solution is not applicable for heavy, and clogs that have mounted for a longer period of time.

Hopefully, this advice will help you resolve this nasty problem. If after trying all of these tips nothing works, you can always call a plumber.

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