How to turn your pumpkin into a vase

In the fall, a pumpkin can be nicely disguised into a vase, welcoming vibrant floral arrangements. How? There is nothing simpler than that.

Step 1: choose a steady pumpkin, standing straight without tilting. The pumpkin must be round, small, medium, or large, as you prefer. Cut off the top at the desired height. Empty the pumpkin with a spoon and scrape the inner edges properly. The less flesh left, the longer the pumpkin will last.1Step 2: put a jar full of water in the middle, making sure it is not higher than the pumpkin’s edge (a tin works perfectly too) or moisten a hydrophile foam brick and place it inside the pumpkin on a piece of transparent plastic, to avoid leaks.

Step 3: start to stick flowers in all around. Pick plants and alternate various colors. Carry on sticking flowers in in harmonious ways in order to create the desired shape. Your arrangement is done!smallpaintedTips: Start off with greenery to cover up the foam brick and complete your arrangement with the biggest and most beautiful flower. You can use the following:

  • sunflowers (easy to find synthetic ones),
  • chrysanthemum,
  • roses (salmon pink, yellow, red, orange…),
  • ears of grain,
  • red, or yellow berries sticks,
  • vine leaves,
  • fall color leaves,
  • foliage,
  • apples, pears,…
  • and even a candle.

You can also replace the flowers with a nice green plant! planteoutsideMake sure to change the water regularly. If you can, place the bouquet outdoor at night to keep it fresh. It will last even longer. Once the flowers are faded, you can simply replace them with new ones. The vase, like other elements (leaves, branches, fruits,…) will last more than a month.

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