Vacations and road trips just don’t feel the same without your pet around. If you leave them in a professional pet sitting facility, you’ll be stressed the entire trip, regardless of the quality of their services. Asking your friends and family to pet sit for you isn’t always easy to arrange and it can be a great inconvenience for them.

If you want to take your pet with you, you need to start with the preparation in advance and try to anticipate anything that your pet might need. That way, the trip will be safer and less stressful for everyone.

A trial runA trial run

If you’re taking a road trip, the drive itself will be enough to make the dog restless and hard to keep calm. The only way to deal with this is to make a trial run before the actual trip. Take the dog on a few shorter trips beforehand and make sure the experience is pretty much the same as it would be on a longer journey.

Reward the dog after the trip, and if you have the time, repeat the process a few times, each time making it a bit longer than the previous one. That way, the dog will be comfortable with the whole setup.

The crate

The crate is the easiest solution for shipping your pet. It’s safe and clean, and if you prepare it properly, the dog won’t be scared of it. The crate should be big enough for the dog to stand and turn around. It should be well ventilated and you should be able to see through it.

Place some newspapers and the dog’s favorite blanket on the floor. It might also be a good idea to leave some food taped to the outside of the crate so the airplane staff could feed the dog during the flight.


Keep in mind that your dog’s dietary habits shouldn’t change while you’re on the road. Everything else depends on where you’re going, for how long, and what kind of dog do you have. Start by stacking up on dry food, such as high-quality Royal Canin dog supplies and create a feeding schedule.

Make sure you also get a bunch of treats to reward good behavior during the trip. You’re going to need it if it’s the first longer trip your dog has ever had and it is especially useful if your pouch is a bit restless.

A trip to the vet

Before you take the trip, schedule the appointment with your vet. Tell the vet about the trip and ask for a check-up. The vet should assess the overall health of your pet and make sure it can travel safely. This is also the time to agree on whether you should sedate the pet.

If the trip is very long and your pet is restless, it might be a good idea to sedate it. Ask the vet about the dosage and the precautions that you should take to make everything go smoothly.

At the hotel

It’s best to plan in advance if you want your arrival to be as smooth as the trip. First and foremost, you need to find out whether the hotel is pet- friendly and if it is, what that means exactly. Does it mean that your dog can stay with you in the room or that there are facilities and accommodations for dogs as well?

Do some research and find out whether there is any dog food available in the stores and whether there are parks in the vicinity where you can take your dog for a walk. It’s also a good idea to have a vet nearby as well.

Take the time to prepare for your trip with your pet and everything will be less stressful and easy to handle.

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