How to Transform Your Home Dining Room

There is no better place to come together with loved ones than in the dining room. It’s the one place within the home where people can come together to chat, eat, drink and make wonderful memories together. To help you share many superb moments around the dinner table, we are offering some informative tips on how to transform a dining room.

Choose the Right Location

Consider the distance from the kitchen to the dining room when deciding where to place a dining table and chairs. You will not want to walk too far when serving food or you could end up with more meals on the floor than the table.

Rooms that don’t receive much natural light can also come to life during the evening with beautiful decorations and clever lighting. If local remodeling contractors is adding a dining table into a small room, ensure there is enough space behind the chairs so dinner guests can move with ease.

Create a Focal Point

Personalize a dining room by adding a focal point that will wow your dinner guests. For instance, you can incorporate an attention-grabbing wallpaper print onto one wall, or you could add a beautiful centerpiece in the center of a table. From an exquisite chandelier to stunning table settings, add a decorative design that will stand out in your dinner guests’ minds for all the right reasons.

A Seasonal Theme

Adapt your table settings to complement each passing season. For instance, seasonal napkins and metallic tealight holders can ideally complement the winter season. While pastel glassware and place cards will work in harmony with spring, consider using different materials to embody the time of year. For example, wooden coasters will showcase the beauty of autumn, while a colorful centerpiece will capture the fun of summer.

Pick the Perfect Dining Table

The dining table you choose will determine how many people can join you for dinner. If you have a big family, the chances are a table for four or six people will not be enough. If you’re a little short on space, it might be wise to consider an extension dining table, which will allow you to accommodate all the family at Christmas, Thanksgiving or a dinner party. Discover the best modern dining tables to add both style and functionality to a dining room.

Create an Atmosphere

Welcome your guests into your home by creating an atmosphere with well-planned lighting. For example, dimmable overhead lighting can change the mood in a moment’s notice, while a crystal chandelier can add drama and height to a room while creating a gorgeous glow. Looking for something a little more romantic and cozy? Turn off artificial lighting, close the curtains and burn candles to create an intimate space.

Comfortable Seating

You will want to ensure your guests are as comfortable as possible, which is why you should consider upholstered chairs with supportive backs and arms, if possible. As people will be eating and drinking, it’s possible the upholstery may be subject to stains over time. No guest wants to sit on a dirty chair, so opt for stain-resistant or wipeable fabric that are easily cleaned following any accidents.

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