How to Throw an Awesome Summer Party in Your Own Backyard

Summer Party Ideas

Summer is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fun activities, and one of the inevitable forms of entertainment is, of course, an outdoor party. Throwing a memorable backyard soiree is not as easy as putting a few chairs out in your yard, but also not as difficult as organizing a red-carpet event. The things you will need to consider are the décor, the menu and the amusement options. There are not many things that can make a summer party go downhill, since you are already in the best venue. However, here are a few tips on how to avoid that rare occasions and throw an amazing outdoor get together.

Tidy Up

Before you start decorating your backyard, you will have to make sure it looks good. Mowing the lawn goes without saying, but do not forget to sweep the patio and weed the flower beds, as well. You should clean the backyard furniture, and wash the throw pillows, blankets and similar pieces that can get dirty over time.

Now Make It Fabulous

A clean and neat backyard is the perfect backdrop for a phenomenal outdoor party décor, but do not fool yourself with thinking that that’s all you need to do. Let’s go together through the list of things you should also pay attention to:

  • Having a clear image of what your color palette should look like will help you come up with the rest of the décor. Think happy colors that go well with natural surroundings, such as green, white, yellow, blue, pink, pastels, navy, etc.
  • Make sure you have enough seats (use outdoor furniture, dining chairs, quilts, etc.), and use them as a part of the décor. Add lively throw pillows, or even paint the chairs and benches with lively colors…


  • Summer sun can be very harsh, even when it is about to go down. Provide your guests with enough shelter with shade sails. They are easy to install, and they look amazing. You will instantly get a stylish patio without too much effort.
  • Lighting can play a major role in the overall ambiance. Try to use a lot of different sources, without making it too bright. Be creative, use candles, Christmas lights, torches, etc.
  • Use flowers and herbs (lavender, mint, basil, etc.) as centerpieces.
  • Note that everything can be turned into party décor – from porcelain plates and glittery glasses to colored bins and flower pots.

Snacks and Refreshments

It would be best to make some snacks that the guests can eat on the go with their hands, instead of opting for some soupy variety. Fruits and veggies are a must-have, but you can always step up your game just a bit and try to make some exotic snacks that go well with the aforementioned.


The most important part of the summer party are refreshments, and you can get really creative with them. Lemonade is a great basic for various drinks. Just add different fruits into each ewer, or even freeze it to make delicious popsicles. Cocktails of all shapes and sizes are always welcome.

Put the Fun into the Party

With everything in place, the only thing left to do is have fun. Depending on what kind of crowd you will have in your backyard, you can enjoy some fun physical activities like volleyball in the dark (use Christmas lights to make the net visible), limbo dance, an improvised paintball in the form of water balloon fight, and so on.


If you and your friends are not fans of breaking sweat at a summer party, you can opt for more peaceful options, such as various board games, trivia for teams, movie marathon, glowing body paint, and karaoke.

You see, throwing a great summer party is easy, when you have everything you need – the sun, some shade, tasty snacks, refreshing beverages and good friends to make it all worthwhile.

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