How To Tell if Your Extensions are Made From Fake or Real Hair

Hair extensions are more popular than they’ve ever been, and with all the positives that come with that, there also comes opportunists who falsely try and advertise fake hair extensions and claim them to be real! Great hair extensions will never come cheap, so don’t fall for a scam artist trying to sell you cheap real hair extensions!

The Flame/Burn Test

The flame and burn test is the best way to find out if the hair extensions you have are real or not. Simply pull a few long strands of hair out and hold them over a flame; ensure that you use an unscented candle or a lighter. If you start to see that the hair burns and singes upwards and smells like burnt hair… its real! If it melts into a ball and smells like burning plastic — it is fake.

Although, it is not always possible to do this test especially if you’re buying online or in a salon. So here are a few questions you should ask to help you figure out if the hair is real or fake.

Where did they come from?

Your supplier or stylist should tell you exactly what sort of hair you are buying when you ask them. Ask your supplier or stylist where the hair was sourced from — the most expensive hair comes from Russia, but Indian and Brazilian hair are also high quality.

To ensure that you have consistency, you need to find out if all of the hair you are purchasing comes from the same source. For premium and affordable 100% human hair extensions visit Jadore hair extensions online.

Can I apply heat to my hair extensions?

An expert stylist will gladly talk to you about how to maintain your brand new hair. Human hair extensions can be treated pretty much just like you would treat your real hair, but you should be careful not to loosen or damage the bonds. Your stylist should recommend some heat-resistant tools and products which are suitable for hair extensions, and they should make sure you know how to use them.

It is entirely safe to apply heat to natural hair, as long as you take the usual measures to protect against dryness. Whereas with synthetic hair, it will melt into your natural hair if you put too much heat on it. This can be very traumatic, unsightly and dangerous and your hair stylist has the responsibility to warn you about this. If you are told to avoid heat styling, be wary.

Having your hair extensions fitted in a trustworthy salon by a stylist who tells you what type of hair they use will always be the best way to go! Real hair extensions are a real investment; they will improve your hair and boost your confidence and worth every penny!

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