How To Talk To Packaging Company For Cheap Cardboard Boxes

The popularity of the internet, the e-commerce market to be specific, has made a lot of things easier and faster. The advancement of the packaging industry is also grateful to the internet for that as it has provided the industry with new and infinite opportunities to grow. Unlike the local vendors, the packaging companies on the internet are not only popular but also more reliable.

The online vendors provide cheap cardboard boxes to their customers with a lot of additional benefits such as free shipping, lowest minimum order quantity, and much more. But a lot of business owners who want to order for the first time to an online vendor for custom cardboard boxes get confused about how to talk to the vendors. This confusion often leads them to skip the order and go out to a local vendor.

Considering that, we have listed four major factors that you must keep in mind while talking to your packaging vendor to place an order for custom cardboard boxes. Let us discuss them briefly for a better understanding.

Ask For Organic Materials

The amazing fact about custom cardboard boxes is that they are manufactured with organic, recyclable materials. But that does not mean that you do not need to ask for it. You should ensure that the packaging manufacturer you are hiring uses only organic and recyclable material.

This way, you can make sure that they are manufacturing cheap cardboard boxes because recyclable material is way cheaper than non-recyclable materials. If the vendor is not using recyclable manufacturing materials for these boxes, you better find one who uses it.

Keep The Printing Minimal

One of the biggest reasons why custom cardboard boxes are so popular among product manufacturers and retailers is that they are customizable not only in their sizes or shapes but also in the designs that are to be printed on them. While the minimal printing on these boxes means that no unnecessary printing is being done.

Asking the vendor to keep the printing minimal will not only be beneficial for you in making sure that you will get cheap cardboard boxes but also the reduced use of resources. The lesser the inks and other resources are being used for the printing of these boxes, the more chances there will be for you to get cheaper packaging solutions.

Ditch Unnecessary Die-Cuts

The packaging vendor that you select will surely ask you whether you want die-cut windows to be added to the custom cardboard boxes or not. And the best approach here is to ask for the die-cut window only if it is necessary for your products.

For example, if you are selling cookies and your vendor has asked you for the addition of a die-cut window, you better not go for them just because a cosmetics manufacturer has also asked for it. This way, you can get cheap cardboard boxes in their best condition because if the die-cut can increase the presentation of the product, it can also ruin the element of surprise. So you should make a wise choice considering the requirements of your products.

Go For Bulk Orders

This is probably the best, easiest, and most common way of getting cheap cardboard boxes from any vendor. It does not matter if you are ordering a regular packaging solution or you are going for custom cardboard boxes that are made specifically for your products, going for bulk order will surely be helpful for you to get the best price for these boxes.

Most of the online vendors offer special discounts to the customers who order custom cardboard boxes in bulk quantity. Ordering a bulk quantity will not only help you to get the best prices but also meet the requirements of a sudden rush of customers for a specific product.

The aforementioned are the four most useful factors to keep in mind while talking to the packaging manufacturer for getting the boxes at a lower price. Keep them in mind, and you will be amazed to see the response you will get from the vendor.

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