How to Take Care of Your Skin This Autumn

Caring for your skin throughout the year is very important. However, a change of seasons means that we should change up our skincare routine a bit. During autumn, our skin starts to demand more hydration, but there are many more steps you can take to improve your skincare routine, so here are some of them.

Vitamin C enriched products

Many brands have come out with new lines of skincare products for this fall, and one of the changes and additions is the frequent use of vitamin C. Vitamin C is perfect for the transition period from summer to fall because it will keep that summer glow. Besides, it boosts collagen production, which means that your skin will be firmer, fresher, and brighter. And since there is nothing we love more than keeping the summer skin as long as we can, try some of the Vitamin C enriched products and see for yourself.

Extra hydration

Colder weather, lots of wind and rain means that our skin is under the risk of getting drier and easily irritated and sensitive. This is why, regardless of your skin type, you should hydrate it enough. The easiest way to do that is to choose a richer moisturizer for fall months, and add an extra step to your skincare routine. Using a face serum just before your moisturizer will provide extra hydration, and help with wrinkles, pigmentation, and even scars.

Continue using sunscreen

Harmful UV rays are not affected by seasons, which means that you can easily get sunburns in the fall, and even winter. Since keeping your skin healthy should be your main concern, you should continue using sunblock in the fall as well. Even if your makeup or face creams have SPF, you should use sunscreen just in case, and you will see the improvement of your skin after a while.

Additional care

By additional care, we mean tending to parts of your body that were maybe not a priority during summer months, but should definitely be during fall. The first thing is a rich lip balm that you should carry with you at all times, and apply whenever you feel your lips getting dry. Next is caring for your hands, of course, but even more so your cuticles, which tend to get really dry and sensitive. So, every night, before bed, rub some moisturizer on them, and you will have soft, beautiful hands. And last, but not least is an eye cream. And, of course, don’t forget a richer body lotion, which will keep your skin soft. During summer, we are rested, energized and happy about vacations, the sea, and the Sun. However, when fall comes, it is time to go back to our working routine, which means that we often get puffy eyes and darker under-eye area. Brightening undereye creams can help with this problem, and you can reduce puffiness by keeping them in the fridge and using them cold.


There are many benefits to using scrubs and exfoliating regularly. Aside from removing dirt and residual makeup, it smooths your face and helps with elasticity and blood flow. Dull, lifeless skin is something nobody wants, and exfoliating will improve your complexion and make your skin more radiant. Since your face is delicate, you should use mild scrubs, and gentle, circular motions. It will leave a perfect base for either makeup, or the rest of your skincare routine, and another plus is that your skin will absorb products better.  


Make your skin happy by providing it with extra hydration and care this fall. Keep that summer’s glow, and step into fall with your skin prepared with the help of some of these products.

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