How To Take Care of Clip In Hair Extensions

Are your clip in hair extensions becoming difficult to style? It’s a sign that they need washing. 

Taking care of hair extensions is crucial if you want them to remain squeaky clean, as well as to restore their moisture and shine. Here are some tips from experts of clip in hair extensions from Australia on what you should do make them last longer.

1. Brush 

Before you get your clip in hair extensions wet, you must first brush them gently. Doing so minimise the tangling during and after you wash the hair. 


  • To prepare for the wash, arrange wefts in a bundle. The same way they were placed on top of each other when you first got them. This helps ensure that the hair won’t get tangled with the clips while washing.
  • Make use of a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush when combing your hair extensions.
  • Start brushing each hair extension from the bottom to the top. Be patient and don’t pull hard as this may cause significant breakage.

2. Wash

Compared to your hair, clip-in hair extensions don’t receive moisture any from the scalp. This is why it’s essential to try to avoid over washing because it will make human hair extensions dry. 

Unnecessary washing causes damage, so once in 4-6 weeks is an appropriate time to do it. But the frequency of your wash also depends on how many styling products you’ve applied and where you’ve used them. If you feel uneasy leaving your unwashed hair extensions for a week, you can try using a dry shampoo in between washes. 


  • Clean and prepare your sink, plug the drain and fill it up with lukewarm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold.
  • Dilute about 2 to 3 pumps or a small amount of shampoo into the water. It’s recommended that you use products that are alcohol-free, sulphate-free, and designed for treated hair extensions to preserve hair colour. 
  • Wash each weft one by one to avoid tangling and ensure thorough clean. Hold the weft at the top with one hand, submerge into the water, and gently wash while working the shampoo with light strokes. Wash gently as you would with natural hair. 
  • After washing, set the hair extension aside on a towel and repeat the same steps for the remaining wefts.
  • Once you’re done shampooing all wefts have been shampooed, apply a generous amount of conditioner onto each from top to bottom. Massage the product thoroughly on the hair and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • If you want to go the extra mile, you can treat your clip in hair extensions with an overnight deep conditioner or hair mask instead. To let the product soak in and work its magic, you can bundle your extensions and coil them carefully. Place them in a shower cap and leave overnight to seal in moisture. 

3. Rinse

Rinse out each weft thoroughly. Check and make sure there’s no conditioner residue left on the hair extensions. Most people make the mistake of only washing the hair halfway. This leaves the hair with a slippery, soft feeling after conditioning. 

Leaving products on hair extensions weigh it down and cause it to look greasy when dry. When washing out, rinse each weft again with cold water. This closes the hair cuticle and seal in moisture, making the extensions shinier.

4. Air Dry

Squeeze out first any excess water from the extensions and make sure not to rub them when drying with a towel. If possible, use a micro-fibre towel instead as it removes excess water faster and won’t damage the hair or cause tangles. 


  • Lay all wefts on a flat surface and gently pat dry the excess moisture from the hair. To prevent frizz once the hair dries, apply a small amount of hair oil to each weft.
  • If you need to blow-dry your extensions, use a heat protectant spray before blow-drying. Doing so extends the lifespan of your clip in hair extensions. 
  • Blow-dry on a cool setting to lessen heat damage and don’t brush the hair until it’s about 90% dry. Start by blow-drying the root of the weft, then work your way down to the ends. This helps smoothen the cuticle and prevent tangles when being blown in different directions.

5. Tie and Store

Combing wet hair isn’t recommended because this is when the hair is at its most fragile state. But if you want your extensions to dry straight, you can make an exception. Gently brush each weft from bottom to top, then once dry, ready them for storage.


  • Tie your hair extensions by using a regular hair tie and twist it around the base. This should be about 2.5 to 5.1 centimeters from the weft and clip. 
  • Slide your newly cleaned hair extensions carefully into the box they came in. This ensures they don’t get frizze or tangled before you use them again. If you don’t have the original box, use another sturdy container. 

Give Your Hair Extensions Extra TLC

Maintaining the highest quality of hair extensions begins by giving them enough tender love and care. Although, it’s true that clip-in hair extensions don’t need a lot of commitment since they’re low maintenance. However, just like everything of value, you have to take care of it to continue enjoying your beautiful crown of glory. 

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