All too often, the weekends seem to just slip between our fingers. Time passes by quickly, there are chores to do, people to see, planned activities and before you know it, it’s Monday morning and you wish you just had one extra day all to yourself. Dedicating an entire weekend, or at least a part of it, to some good old “me time” lets us start the week much fresher. Beauty routines are an absolute enjoyment for all – you relax, pamper yourself, freshen up, and as a result, start your week feeling and looking satisfied, healthy and glowing.

Nourishment for your body

We tend to skimp on nutrients during the week, but the weekend is a time you can dedicate to nourishing your body in the absolute best way possible. Whether you’re eating out or cooking at home, make sure you get lots of vegetables and greens. Eat fish for a meal rich in omega-3 fatty acids that will have your skin glowing and your brain working at its best. Make the weekend a time to eat fresh produce; have a trip to the farmers’ market and load up on fresh fruits that are rich in antioxidants, such as blueberries, strawberries and grapes. Enjoy all the colours, tastes, and smells, and remember that there’s no foundation better than the healthy glow that comes with proper nutrition.

Hair recovery

A week of washing, drying, and styling your hair leaves it exhausted and strained. Use the weekend to give your hair its natural glow back. You can apply a store-bought hair mask in the shower, or you can go the complete DIY way and make your own with ingredients from the kitchen. DIY beauty is a fun way to spend a part of your weekend, and it will leave your hair looking gorgeous. Every once in a while, hit the salon to treat yourself.

Beautiful face

Pay a visit to one of Sydney’s amazing beauty salons or spas and go through some pain and pleasure that will leave your face looking beautiful. Book a facial, tame your eyebrows, or relax at home with a homemade face mask and cucumbers on your eyes. Make at-home facial scrubs every weekend, but don’t underestimate the importance of paying a visit to a beauty salon every once in a while – both as a way to reward yourself, enjoy your time, and ensure you’re getting the best treatment and the best advice.


You might want to try something new this weekend at a salon, such as lash infills, to feel like an absolute diva. Nowadays, quality eyelash extensions price is affordable and the materials that are used are natural and reliable. Just think about it. Putting fake eyelashes will make your eyes pop, even when you are not using any makeup. Plus, you won’t be applying mascara on Monday morning.


Manicures and pedicures are synonymous with beauty routines, because they make for a true pampering and give you confidence in the end. Hit a beauty salon or spa for a proper mani-pedi treatment, match the nail polish on your toes and fingernails and enjoy yourself. Keep in mind also that strong, healthy nails require proper nutrition.

Body scrub

If you’re one of us who skip or forget even the simplest beauty routines during the week, make them a priority and a reward during the weekend. Now is the time to use that body scrub in the shower and to exfoliate properly. Scrub and nourish your knees and elbows with simple home remedies so that you don’t have untidy-looking dark spots. Moisturize plentifully with good cream or cold-pressed coconut oil. Don’t be lazy about it, but make this a little ritual to enjoy, a little act of kindness for your body that will leave you looking beautiful.

Therapeutic bath

Nothing says “weekend beauty routine” better than a relaxing bath with aromatherapy essential oils, salts, and time all to yourself! This will leave you fresh and rejuvenated, and your skin soft and glowing. That’s why it’s a beautiful ritual to leave for Sunday night, right before the work week. You’ll be sleeping like a baby. If you don’t have a bath, you can still use aromatherapy shower kits as an alternative.  


Lastly, remember to get good sleep, and not just on Sunday night, but throughout the whole weekend. If you’re going out on Friday on Saturday and staying up late, there’s not much to be done but sleep in and use these beauty routine tips to cure that hangover and rejuvenate you. Either way, take care of your body, pamper yourself, and the week is yours. Treat yourself, in the right way.

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