How to Start Planning a Custom Themed Atlanta Wedding Decor

Planning a themed wedding may seem like a task that calls for a huge amount of work, but you know what, it can actually be fun! In the world of event planning, your choices for wedding themes are nearly endless. You can actually plan anything that you imagine if you have the right resources, energy, creativity and time (of course, you need a good budget too). At such times, you can think of working with wedding decorators who can guide you about the top trends in Atlanta wedding decor and guide you about the best ones to choose.

Your wedding undoubtedly has to be a grand day, one you have been waiting for all your life. In order to make it a memorable one and make sure that everything works perfectly and it turns out to be a memorable one, you must set a date. Once you have a date, you can think of other details like the theme. What will happen if the carpet does not match the theme? The wallpaper clashes with the lighting and the colors look odd. From winter wonderland themes featuring wintry blue lighting, glittering crystals to bright flowers and beyond, your wedding theme plays a vital role so it must be unique.

Here are some tips on how you can work on your theme to ensure your wedding is a memorable one.

Choose a Theme

It is easy to add a personal flair to your grand day when you incorporate something that actually represents a part of your personality (both you and your spouse to be). You can work with your wedding planners, such as those at Let’s Celebrate Events and discuss your heritage with them. For example, if your heritage is Celtic, you can add some bagpipes, Claddagh rings, kilts, and other wedding traditions that are customary to Celtic wedding traditions. You can add some flair by making a statement of your personality and identity of who you wish to be when you get married.

When the time to consider wedding theme comes, however, you need to be careful not to go beyond your limits. It is your wedding; after all, it should give you a happy and warm feeling. Considering this, you should not go too far with your theme décor, make your wedding appear simple and more like a celebration of your long-awaited love.

After the Theme Selection

The best ways to ensure that your theme is an authentic one is to carry out your research. When it comes to planning a theme wedding, it is much easier when you get a good grasp of the details. You can take your spouse or bridesmaid along to the library and brainstorm on different ways to incorporate different theme elements into your big day. If you want to have a wedding with a medieval theme, you can rent some old movies such as King Arthur and watch with your friends, who can pitch in their ideas when the right time comes.

Have a Concise List

When you do your research, you need to take notes. Yes, this is a lot like in high school. You can jot down the ideas you have, favors, decorations, and embellishments that will work perfectly with your medieval theme. Along with the decorations, you need to dig deeper into what great food you should offer at your reception to make it special. Planning a custom wedding means, you need to take special care to keep your theme cohesive and fun throughout the reception. Incorporate some elements of fun, some details that touch you, and you can later come up with your own research.

Make Your Wedding Day Unique

The entire point of planning a themed wedding is to have a wedding that is distinctive and unique. Your themed wedding has to be one that has flair and flavor and belongs to you exclusively. A themed wedding will perfectly fit your style as a couple and make sure that you give your guests a real treat. When you incorporate a great theme throughout your reception and ceremony while maintaining an understated style, it is essential to have a perfect themed wedding, no matter what kind of theme you decide to choose.

Your wedding day has to be one that you can flaunt to your guests and one that you can look back at and still live it again as it was today. You should work with your event planners that will be able to guide you well on the best on the top themes and how well you should plan your event. Take your time to research your options, carry out a thorough research on your own and contact the best event planners in your area or city today!

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