A long time ago, the Adriatic Sea was considered one of the most important regions in Europe. However, humanity found new frontiers to explore, this birthplace of Ancient Rome, home of the mighty Republic of Venice and crown jewel of the Austrian empire somewhat fell off the radar into safe and cushioned obscurity.

These days, however, this relative anonymity is exactly what makes the Adriatic coast so special to countless tourists around the globe. The region is stacked with exciting history, covered in stunning landscapes and beaches, and just waiting for you to discover its beauty.

Here are a couple of entries you should definitely put on your to-do list.

Pay a visit to the floating city of Venice

Venice just has to be one of the most unique cities in the world. Home to the old Republic of Venice – former masters of the Mediterranean – this beautiful pearl literally rose from the sea and today exists floating of the complex system of canals and wooden foundations. Today, Venice represents a place of rich history as well as mystery, lush carnivals, beautiful architecture, stunning churches, long canals, numerous museums, and stories about legendary lovers. On that note, taking a ride with some of the countless gondoliers is one of the most romantic experiences you can get in the world.

Venice - Adriatic Sea

Discover the rich history of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik can be best described as the scaled-down version of Venice sans wooden foundations and canals. However, these days Dubrovnik is probably best known as a stand-in for the King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, so if you are a fan you will get an opportunity to visit some of the show’s most iconic locations. If not, this beautiful city will still blow you off the water with its narrow streets, beautiful medieval architecture, excellent food, tons of fun activities, and some incredibly friendly locals. Dubrovnik might just be gaining its worldwide fame but it’s picking up the pace with the speed of light.

Dubrovnik - Adriatic Sea

Experience the wild beauty of Montenegro

Montenegro is a small Adriatic country that represents a blend of Slavic culture mixed with a heavy dose of Romanic, Byzantine, and Ottoman influences. Essentially, it represents everything that makes the Balkans so vivid and exciting. Also, this is the place where you will find some of the wildest and most stunning landscapes, most beautiful, exotic beaches, and the prettiest medieval cities (just look for Kotor) on the entire Adriatic coasts. Furthermore, due to its unique, favorable position, cushioned bays, and comparatively affordable prices, Montenegro also makes an ideal second home for longer stays on the Adriatic coast.

Montenegro - Adriatic Sea

Head back down the Croatian coast

Due to its recent online fame, Dubrovnik may be the most famous tourist attraction in Croatia, but don’t think for a second it’s all this part of the Adriatic coast has to offer. For instance, Pula hides one of the best-preserved Roman arenas in Europe. This structure is still active setting the stage for concerts and summer festivals. In the city of Istria, you will get an opportunity to try out some of the best wines in your life, while the short trip from Split will take you to Plitvice Lakes National Park – home to some truly stunning rocky caves, lush waterfalls, and emerald lakes. Dalmatia is a gift that keeps on giving.

Adriatic Sea

Soak in the Sun in Some of the Beautiful Italian Beaches

Last but not least, if you are wondering how to pick the destination for your summer vacation, just take a turn to the Italian Adriatic coast and pay a visit to some of its stunning beaches. You will pretty much find all the entertainment options you need. For example, Alba Adriatica has the best-developed infrastructure, Viserba is known for its restaurants and entertainment, and Catholica has some of the prettiest sandy beaches in the entire country. And these are only the most popular picks. The complete list goes and on…

Bari, Italy - Adriatic coast

We hope that you have enjoyed this short travel through the Adriatic region. Compared to some other popular European coastlines, the Adriatic coast often takes an undeserved back seat. But, now that tourists have finally started rediscovering this region, this relative only works to its advantage. Today, the Adriatic coast is a place of mystery, opportunity, and excitement only waiting for you to discover its hidden treasures.

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