How to Spend a Memorable Week in Iceland during Summer

Well! We have heard it right “Iceland is a different version of paradise.” Why would you waste your time dreaming when waking life is so much better. Iceland is a place that you should visit definitely. It is a perfect destination to spend some quality time with your friends and family. However, visiting this place during summers is something that we would recommend to you. If you are visiting this place during summers then you can able to experience longer days, warmer nights and there are so many fun activities you can try around the country. Some fun activities include caving, horseback riding, hiking, and super jeep tour. If you are the one that has lots of adrenaline rush, then you can also go for self drive tours in Iceland. This is one of the best ways to explore Iceland in a better way and you can also have your very own road trip. After reaching to this stunning country in North Atlantic, you might be confused about where you can start your journey. So, to begin this exciting and mind-blowing journey you need to make sure that you have a list of fun activities that you can do in Iceland.

Here’s the list of things to do in Iceland in summers so that you don’t miss out anything.

Driving on the Road

As you know, Iceland has two seasons- summers and winters. During winters, road are blocked with snow and it is impossible to drive during summers. If you are all into driving, then you should definitely consider visiting this place during summers. There are so many places you can drive and visit such as Thermal Lake and Akureyri. Even, there are various local shops where you can rent a car at a very pocket-friendly price. Driving with your friends and family in an unknown place will give you lots of exciting and challenging memories.

Glacier Hiking

One of the best things about Iceland is you can find ice here around the year. During summers, the glaciers are shrinking slowing and this is the best time where you can go for hiking. This is also a perfect destination for learning snowboarding and skiing. There are so many awesome places where you can go hiking and enjoy the beauty of Mother’s Nature. This is also another way to experience some of the stunning views of nature. You can hire any local instructor who has the right knowledge about the route so that you can see some splendid views.

Take a Bath

You might don’t know this but Icelanders go for pool around the year. If you truly want to make your week memorable in Iceland, then you should definitely consider going for a bath in Iceland. You can go to The Blue Lagoon where you can able to enjoy your trip at fullest. Imagine yourself surrounded by stunning mountain and you are enjoying with your friends and family. This is something that you will never forget and you want to do this all over again. There are so many hot springs in Iceland where you can experience the miracle of nature.

See Puffins

Iceland is also famous for puffins and looking at puffins is something that you should definitely do during your visit. These birds arrive during April and go back during August, so if you are in Iceland during this time frame then make sure that you watch them. Watching them will remind you of some childhood memories and this also gives you an opportunity to show your photography talent. If you want to take it as lifelong memories, then you can capture this in your lens.

Celebrate Different Festival

Summer is a great time where you can able to celebrate different festivals. These festivals mostly take place in the village area, so you can take some information from local guides. If you are not experiencing some local festival during your visit, then you are missing out some great fun. These local festivals will give you an opportunity to experience Iceland in a different way. While visiting a local village, make sure that you try local cuisine so that you can never forget the taste of Iceland.

Go for Horseback Riding

Many people don’t really know this but the Icelandic horse is a very beautiful and stunning creature on the earth. If you are traveling with your kids, then make sure that you take them for a horseback riding. This will give you lifetime experience and you can also witness some of the stunning horses in Iceland. You can also enjoy the beautiful Icelandic nature while traveling on the horse.

Enjoy the Colors and Nature

Iceland is famous for its stunning contract and nature. During the evening, you can experience some of the amazing colors that can give you Goosebumps. The contrast of the mountain and lake is something that you will never forget. When the sun touches the water, the sky changes the colors. We are sure that you never forget this moment very easily. You can capture this particular moment in your camera and keep it close to your heart forever.

Live in Cottage

If you want to experience Iceland truly, then you should consider staying a cottage. There are so many local cottages in Iceland where you can enjoy your visit. This will give you an opportunity to live like local and you can also explore the area in more depth. This will also give a memorable experience to your kids where they can stay away from polluted cities and take some fresh air.

Enjoy the Peace

If you are want to get away from the hectic schedule, then you should visit Iceland. This is a great place to forget all your tensions and worries and you can enjoy peace in a different manner. There are so many places like HomStrandir where you can experience the peace and beauty at the same time. You can sit there as long as you want. You can think about your life and restart your life after this beautiful trip.

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