After a road accident, most car owners want to sell the car as soon as possible. Usually, this wish is related to stress and negative associations. This car will always be a silent reminder of the accident, especially if it had serious consequences. Some drivers just don’t want to waste time and energy on its restoration, preferring to replace the damaged vehicle with a new one.

Depending on the condition of the damaged vehicle, there are several options in selling a broken car. First, you should evaluate the damage done to your vehicle and understand what to do next. Should you sell it after repairs or just as it is? 

To understand if repairing your car makes sense, there is a simple formula. Calculate how much it will cost for you to restore the car and add this sum to the car’s current price. If the total sum looks realistic and close to the market price for this year and model, then it makes sense to repair it.

How to Evaluate a Used Car? 

Let the price for your car allow 2-5% off for negotiation. If necessary, you can reduce the price without losing money and win the customers’ loyalty. So the price should be a bit higher than the result of the calculation mentioned above.

Where to Sell a Car After an Accident? 

If the car is irreparable, you can sell it for spare parts or for dismantling. Selling parts separately that are in good condition requires time, efforts and knowledge. If you are not ready to devote your time to it, dismantling is the best option though a less profitable one. If the car is on the go or the damage is minimal, you can sell your car for cash with the help of special services or as a private seller. 

How to Advertise Your Offer? 

  • Describe the real condition of the car and don’t omit the fact that it’s been in a road accident.
  • You should attach several pictures of your car made from different angles. Let the first image be the most attractive one. Then go the visual consequences of the accident. Be honest and show them all not to disappoint your potential customers when they come to see a car. 
  • If the damage done to your car in an accident isn’t visible but affects the driving, like frame damage, don’t conceal it. This may reduce the number of people who would want to buy it, but they will be aware of what they have to deal with. 
  • Mentioning the defects will prevent complaining during a meeting and unpleasant conversations with potential buyers. 
  • Don’t conceal facts about the condition of your car, but try to mention all the positive sides too to make your ad sound positive and spread good vibes. 


Before meeting with the potential buyer, make your shine like a diamond. Wash it, polish it, put it in a convenient place. The first impression is important. Try to meet potential buyers in the morning because people tend to make big purchases. In addition, you can find out whether a person is interested in buying your car, and arrange several more meetings that day if this deal fails. 

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