How to Select A Venue For Your Party Within Budget

The success of your event greatly depends on the venue you select. Deciding on party venues can be a difficult thing to do especially when you’re restricted by the budget, and you still have to come up with the ideal event space.

Despite the challenges, venue selection can be a whole lot of fun, and allow you to discover event spaces that  you will recommend to all your friends. When you’re looking for a venue for a party within budget, there a few factors you need to determine first.

1. Who Are You Throwing the Party For?

This is the first question that needs to be answered carefully and insightfully. You must define your target audience so that you know what kind of space you’d need and will be able to plan the entire event within the budget.

When planning party venues, make a list of the guests you intend to invite. The total number of guests expected to attend the event gives you an idea about how much space you’d require to organize the event. It must be sufficient enough to accommodate the guests comfortably.

Next, you should consider the age of the guests when looking for party venues. Not all spaces are suitable for all age groups. For instance, you cannot expect to plan a corporate event in a park or arrange a kid’s birthday party in an art gallery. So, make sure you understand the target audience thoroughly before deciding which event space to go for.

2. What Budget Are You Working With?

Budget is a vital part of decision making. If you’re looking for a low budget venue for a party, your choices are ultimately more restricted and you will need to plan rather carefully to meet all the requirements. So, have a reasonable budget range in mind before reaching out to venues. In your research, ask different venues what the average booking rate is, so you know what to expect, and you can plan accordingly.  Once you know your financial considerations, you’ll only look for event spaces and party venues that fall within the range.

Consider the services they’re offering you with the venue. If you have two choices within budget where one is just an event space, and the other is offering you associated services like a staff to help you plan the event, go for the latter, even at a little higher price. Consider the value you are getting, not just the bottom line cost.

One advantage to having an event team within your budget is their connection to other vendors. Chances are, your team will have vendors to recommend for different service categories such as catering or decor. They may even be able to help you negotiate the rates for other vendors, or share insider tips with you. This is a sign of a strong vendor team, if they are looking after your budget and helping you to make wise decisions.

3. What Type of Event You Are Planning?

As we said before, your audience makes a difference as to the kind of event space you should book. The nature of your event also influences the choice of location. If it’s a corporate event, you’ll need someplace that mirrors the personality of your organization, whether formal or casual. If it’s a private event like a birthday or engagement party, you’ll want a space that is welcoming and adaptable for your guests to relax for hours and socialize,

Taking these three factors into consideration can help you a great deal in selecting the party venue within your budget. You’ll be able to plan more smartly and cost-efficiently if you know who you are planning the event for, and in your needs are

Here are some tips from the professionals that can help you select the best party venue within your budget.

1. Go for a Venue Offering Packages

There are several venues that offer service packages at a reasonable price. As mentioned earlier, it’s better to go for a venue that’s offering you a multiple services in a single package, or can make best recommendations. This is more cost-efficient and saves you substantial time.

2. Choose Unconventional Venues

Venues can easily make use 40 to 60% of your entire budget. The cost of venues is higher if you go to more conventional places like hotels and convention halls. There are several other options, too, which can fit well in your budget and help you pull off a great event. Boutique venues, for instance, make a perfect setting for events such as corporate conferences and meetings. These non-chain types of locations also work well for less formal parties. Choosing a venue that your guests haven’t been to a million times means it will be fun and exciting for them, and you can make it your own.

3. Take Your Time to Research

It’s important that you take sufficient time to research the options available to you when it comes to choosing a venue for a party within budget. You must search for the venues and even visit them to understand their offerings and services.

Once you have the information, comparing them and evaluating each option can help you decide on the best one. When you have done your homework and know what different services are being offered at what price, you can make a quick decision and reserve the perfect venue for your date. Once you have made your selection, it helps to act quickly, as popular venues tend to book up fast.

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