How To Save Money On An Engagement Ring?

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When it comes to buying engagement ring, every man shudders at least once, that is if he is a man belonging to middle class with an ordinary job at disposal and other responsibilities to handle at the same time. When calculated it was seen that the price of the engagement ring would cost him almost 2 months of salary. Even if the man has a solid financial status, is spending almost 2 months’ salary on the engagement ring a wise thing to do? Well, it is difficult to answer that question as ‘love’ is the emotion that is involved in the whole thing.

Experts opine that to purchase an engagement ring set, one does not need to break the bank. You can gift one of the most beautiful looking engagement rings to your spouse and still save money in the process. How? Follow these tips:

Choose non-traditional shapes

It is true that majority of women would prefer round diamond ring. But they are expensive. Why not go for some non-traditional shapes of rings? They will not only be different, but also less heavy on the pocket. Fancy shapes with settings of diamonds and other gemstones might become the eye-catcher.

Purchase diamonds little less of critical weights

Suppose you are intending to purchase 1 carat or 2 carat diamond. Instead of purchasing the full 1 carat or 2 carat, buy 0.97 carat or 1.95 carat. Cutting to exact critical weights makes the diamond more expensive. When the diamond is cut to a lesser value, the value is lost and the price drops. Interestingly, when you see from outside, there is just no difference between the 1 carat diamond and 0.97 carat one. Well, there is lot of difference in the price; the latter is cheaper by quite a lot.

Settle for gold instead of platinum

It is true that yellow gold was not preferred for the base of the engagement ring and made way for platinum in a great manner. But it is also true that platinum is way expensive than gold. Thank your stars that yellow gold has made a great comeback lately. Gold ring with a diamond setting can be the best thing for an engagement ring.

Settle for more numbers of diamonds or stones

A wedding ring set with cluster of diamonds of other expensive stones gives a bigger and grander appearance than a single solitaire. Interestingly, rings with multiple diamond or stone settings are less expensive than a ring with a single solitaire. Infact your spouse is going to go all ‘wow’ on seeing so many diamonds on the wedding/engagement ring.

Choose colored gemstones instead of diamond

While choosing an engagement ring or a wedding ring, it is not always mandatory to settle for diamond rings. You can always choose other colored gemstones for the ring including pearl, sapphire, opal, garnet, amethyst, tanzanite, emerald and so on. Infact you can think of increasing the size of the colored gemstone so that it becomes prominent in the ring.

Buy online

This is an interesting point for sure if you are looking to save money on your engagement ring but still looking for the best thing available. Along with handsome discounts, other offers are also available on online jewellery stores, which bring down the prices of engagement and wedding rings considerably.

These simple tips are effective. Try them and you will understand!

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