Spring is the time when you get out of the house after spending months cooped up inside and enjoy the outdoors. Needless to say, the balcony of your apartment is possibly going to be your favourite hangout in the house, especially at this time of the year.

In case you have been neglecting your balcony as a graveyard for dead plants or broken outdoor furniture, you might want to think again. For, we believe that even if you have a tiny balcony with barely enough space to step outside, there are some cool ways to transform your neglected outdoor space into a perfect private space for relaxing and spending the best moments of the day. Here are some ideas on how:

1. Create Your Own Garden Retreat.

Who says you need a grand space to have your own garden in the house? Truth is, you can create a charming and soothing garden retreat even in small balconies by keeping plants of different shapes and sizes and combining them aesthetically. Put green plants of different heights on an open shelf with dollops of small and bright flowering plants in the middle. Planter walls are great for greening your balcony garden’s walls. You can also adorn the balcony rail with creepers and flowers in a box perched on the opposite side of the rail. The plants may be relatively small, but placing them on all sides of the balcony gives a refreshing feeling of being in a garden.

2. Go Smart With the Furniture.

The furniture pieces in your balcony are slightly different from the ones inside your home, as they have to face the onslaught of various seasons. So opt for durable outdoor furniture which can stay outside all year round. Furniture made of teak, cedar, or redwood is rot resistant and treating their material with water sealant can extend their longevity. Synthetic wicker items are typically made of weatherproof plastic that can withstand moisture and extreme temperatures. When you are not using your balcony, water repellent furniture covers will help to protect your outdoor furniture.

If you have a smaller balcony, it doesn’t mean you can’t have furniture but do pick pieces with a smaller footprint and hang plants on the outside of the railing to save on floor space. You can, for instance, go for a little railing-mounted table that provides a great perch for a glass of wine but without cluttering up the balcony with table legs. If there is room enough, a small outdoor sofa, preferably L-shaped, can be a great addition to your balcony.

3. Simplify the Doors and Windows.

If there are too many large-sized window panes and doors opening out to your balcony, then a lot of balcony space gets eaten up. This becomes a constraint when your balcony floor space is small. In that case, go for sliding doors or windows as they save up space and what’s more, even let the freshness of your balcony’s greens get reflected into the living room or whichever room the balcony’s attached to. So, effectively, even if your balcony is too small to do much with, you can still open the doors and let the outdoors in, so that your room is open to the outdoor freshness and greens. There is plenty of scope to use these ideas and get more creative in the apartments in Goregaon.

4. Turn Your Balcony Into a Cosy Retreat.

How about fitting a small and comfy couch in the balcony and layering it up with cushions to make it a place to curl up and relax outside? You can even use a bench, hammock or recliner chair and quietly enjoy the view outside. Make sure that the lighting is not too strong but something that gives peaceful homey vibes.

You can go for standing outdoor lights or string lights for night time illumination. Don’t forget to add accessories to your balcony the right way as they can make a world of difference here. So use rugs and carpets of complementary hues to adorn the floor, paintings and wall plants to adorn the walls and also an attractive privacy screen maybe, to encase your cosy retreat and shield yourself from the sun, wind and prying eyes.

There are really nice 2 bhk flat for sale in Ghodbunder Road like the Parkwoods, in Thane, where you get to enjoy spectacular views of the springtime cheer and pleasing weather outside. And with these ideas, you can turn your balcony there into heaven on earth. So go ahead and live your dream.

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