How To Renovate Your Stairs?

A staircase is the most significant part of your home. It can lend an aesthetic appeal to your home and make a style statement. Various parts of a staircase help in improving its functionality. Stair nosing is one of the most essential flooring accessories that enhances the look and improves safety.


Stairs can grab attention and be the focal point of your house. To lend a rustic and warm effect to the staircase Oak stair nosing can be used.


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You can get your staircase renovated by professionals or do it yourself.


Choose Matching Stair Nosing

First of all, if you are planning to refurbish your stairs, then stair nosing will come in handy. A matching nosing can complement your flooring and add some functionality as well.


It provides an aesthetic finish to the edge of each step and helps in improving the beauty of your space. Even the safety concern is taken care of as it extends the width of each step so that it’s not risky to walk up and down. And the incidents of tripping are reduced to almost none.


You can choose from several options available in the market. Select a nosing that perfectly matches your floor. Wood nosing suits best with stairs that have been fitted with engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring.


A wide selection including aged Oak effect, black effect, Belgravia Oak to rustic stair nosing, you can select as per your requirement. They will help you give a stunning finish to your staircase and cover the exposed edges. Nosing protects the edges from getting damaged and ensures that your stairs have a long life span.


Paint To Give A Fresh Look

If you want to make your staircase look new again, you can paint it yourself or get it painted by professionals. Before you start painting, sand down each surface to remove the old paint. Finally, apply the varnish to glam it up.


Go For New Handrail

You can replace the old handrail and refresh the look. It can effortlessly transform your home interiors. You can select from unlimited options available to complement your home décor. Spindles are the vertical posts, these can also help in changing the look.


Staircase Looks Class Apart with Glass Panels 

Adding glass panels can make your staircase look classy. You can get glass panels or spindles installed. Glass panels add elegance to your stairs. You will have to clamp them to the handrail. Another option available in the market can also be fitted directly. You can go for this hassle free option.


Finishing Touch is Important

Once your staircase is renovated as per your desire, you need to start thinking about giving a finishing touch to your space. Decide what type of lighting will suit the area, for example, warm lights can add some warmth to your space.

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