How to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness and Make a Difference

Even though October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we should work towards making an effort to raise awareness throughout the whole year. That’s why we’re giving you a few super easy and effective ways to make a difference and teach people about the dangers of breast cancer.

Start with yourself

It’s hard to successfully boost awareness about breast cancer if you yourself don’t know enough about this serious illness. So, try to get as familiar with the statistics, symptoms, clinics that do mammograms and different organizations that work with patients and their family members. Check out sites and literature that will give you plenty of info about symptoms, prevention and help, or take the breast cancer quiz and test your knowledge.

Don’t forget about the pink ribbon

The best sign that you’re a supporter of people suffering from breast cancer is to get the recognizable pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. You can put in on your clothes or stick it on your car window. This way, everyone that passes you and drives behind you will be reminded of the importance of raising awareness.

Organize a yard sale

If you want to donate some money to the cause and get rid of some clutter from your home, then organizing a yard sale is the perfect thing for you. Contact local papers to run your notice and ask vendors if you can post a flier about the yard sale details. Also, don’t forget to inform the people that the sale money will go to breast cancer research and patients, but don’t mention any organization names if you don’t have a permit. You can also put up donation boxes and sell pink ribbons at your location, so that people can help even more.

Encourage people to go get checked out

Don’t forget to encourage your family, friends and coworkers to visit a doctor and have a breast exam. Regular exams will rule out the possibility of breast cancer and keep them healthy for a long time. By advising them to have a check-up, they will know you care about them, and they will also want to show other people their concern and continue the chain reaction. Put up fliers at your local places and your workplace about places where people can have an exam and try to answer as many questions if people ask you for additional information.

Make a website about breast cancer

Another great way to raise awareness is to provide people with informative literature they can access easily, such as websites and blogs concerning breast cancer. You can create a website that will give info about symptoms, as well as clinics that do breast check-ups. Also, provide people with places where they can donate money and offer them ways to raise awareness themselves. You can also create different promo items that will carry a pink ribbon symbol such as custom usb sticks that people can buy and show their support.

Turn to social media

Millions of people use social media, so why not use it for promoting breast cancer awareness? Facebook pages are a great way to bring the problem closer to the people, especially thr younger generations, and give them an easy way to share posts and comment on the problem. Also, make sure to update your status on Twitter and Facebook. You can even promote breast cancer awareness hashtags such as #SaveTheBoobies or #RethinkPink that have been popular in 2017.

Whichever action you decide to take, it will certainly make a difference. Many people have been the victims of breast cancer or they know someone who was struck with this dangerous disease and your support will mean a lot to them. Your engagement will help with prevention and early detection, and provide the support to many people and families all over the world.


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