How to Propose Your Love on Valentine’s Day With Tungsten Rings

It’s the season of love and you are all set to make the 14th day of February extremely special for your lady love. As the day nears, a wave of nervousness dominates your mind. Your heart is pounding and the blood is rushing through your veins. Even if you have rehearsed the proposal a million times, things might not work out as expected.

If you’ve done your homework well, your proposal will most likely knock your love off her feet. One way you can ensure the proposal goes well is to pick a good tungsten ring. But why only a tungsten ring and not others?

Tungsten rings are super affordable and have a modern and masculine atmosphere. Many men symbolize the smooth, masculine and modern look of metal. Besides, you can easily get the look of precious metals while avoiding the traditional and expensive gold or silver rings.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to propose your love in a step-by-step way. Let’s get started with it.

Craft a Romantic Story

Women love to have a story in their mind when gossiping with their girlfriends. This includes how you met, where you both went for the first date, and other details. We are not giving you dating advice in this blog but such details make up for the success of your proposal. If the story is exciting, it will show in the ring that you present her.

Plan a Trip to the Jewelry Shop

If you know her tastes extremely well, you can go to the shop alone. Else, take her along with you. Remember, don’t disclose that you will propose to her. Just tell an excuse that you need her help in buying tungsten rings for your close ones. Ask her what color and style she likes. By the way, women are good at picking up on such things and she will get a hint of what’s in store for her. But let the excitement build up. It will spark the chemistry between both of you.

Once you finalize the ring, order it immediately and also get it insured. Save the receipt for future references.

Meet Her Parents Beforehand

Yes, you read it right. Usually, a man proposes his love and then both of them seek their respective parents’ approval. But you’ll make a lasting first impression by seeking her parents’ permission beforehand. They will appreciate your simple, yet thoughtful gesture and start looking at you with renewed respect as well. Just make sure that everything is prearranged, and dress up well while meeting them.

When the woman of your dreams comes to know about this later, her respect for you will grow leaps and bounds.

Pick the Perfect Location
If you are a very romantic person, you’ll be very specific about the location where you plan to make your proposal. Choose a spot that has a lot of personal meaning attached to both of you i.e. where you’ve spent most of your time together. This could be one of your favorite restaurants, your favorite park bench, the beach or the busy mall that you two frequently visit.

Personal choice also matters a lot in this case. Some of you might finalize a rooftop or a favorite monument whereas others will prefer a quiet park or a bubbling fountain. In the midst of all this, please don’t forget to carry the all-important thing – the ring. Last but not least, let the moment be captured forever.

Practice in Front of the Mirror

We had no choice but to include this point. What’s the use of buying an elegant tungsten ring if you fumble during the proposal? Such practice sessions might look childish but don’t be overconfident. You don’t get the opportunity to express your feelings every day.

Here are three things that can go wrong if you’ve not practiced well –

1. You may pull out the ring in a hurry and drop it.
2. It might take ages to take the ring out of your pocket and make a fool of yourself in public.
3. You might go blank all of a sudden and not know what to say.

Tip: When practicing, most men try to mug up a dialogue from Hollywood or even script their own lines. But this doesn’t look natural. Remember, your princess has to love you for what you are and not for what you are pretending to be. Just work on your vocal tonality and body language. The words will fall into place automatically.

The Element of Surprise
A surprise doesn’t mean planning something very big or extravagant. It’s more about conveying how you feel for her in an exciting way. Your creativity matters a lot in this step.

You can plan quiet yet meaningful homemade marriage proposals. Or go shopping for material at a stationery shop and cut out letters indicating the words “Will you marry me?”

Proposing with colored candles, with the lights either turned down or turned off is another great idea. You could even enact a romantic scene from your favorite movie and confess your feelings.
On An Ending Note
It doesn’t really matter if you give her a gold tungsten ring or one of those classic types while going down on your knees. What matters more is how you plan everything. As far as the ring is concerned, pay careful attention to the size and style.

Get ready to make things happen this Valentine’s Day. Good luck!

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