How to Prepare Your Family Home for Winter This Year

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Wintertime. The season of snow and utmost cold. As winter approaches, you might want to begin making plans to make changes to the house that can accommodate the current weather condition. This is usually not at the top of anyone’s mind. You will occasionally see families running around at the last minute trying to winterize their home causing feelings of fatigue. The secret is ensuring that the heat inside your home does not escape while preventing the winter weather from seeping in. To be well prepared, you should consider writing up a list beforehand of the tasks that need to be done before the weather starts to change. This will give you ample time to do the necessary repairs, shop for what is needed and adjust mentally and emotionally to the weather changes. If you are not in a position to do these repairs yourself, you can hire professionals to do so in your stead. How do you plan on making your house the cosiest place to be? We have a few tips for you below.

Check the condition of your home’s heating and air conditioning system (HVAC)

Apart from the fireplace, your HVAC system is going to come in pretty handy during the Winter. A few things need to be repaired and maintained for your system to work effectively. The air filter typically gets dirty after a long while. Dirty air filters tend to make the furnace run harder than it should, thus causing your energy bills to spike more than they should. If insulation levels are low, your system might not work as effectively as it should. Another area that needs cleaning is the air vents that tend to have grit and grime build-up. You can choose to vacuum the air vents or call a professional for a new furnace installation in Ottawa or to clean your air ducts to ensure there is no blockage. This will also ensure that the quality of air inside your home is good.

Cover up hard floors

When it gets too cold inside the house, your obvious remedy would be to crank up the heat. However, most people tend to forget that your hard floors might get pretty affected by the Winter. Why do you ask? When humidity rises inside a room due to hot temperatures, your floors tend to become dry due to the decrease in moisture which was already low as a result of the Winter. Your floor might undergo adverse effects causing splinters, creaks, shrinks and brittles. Covering up your hard floors prevents them from drying up or cracking. The remedies include covering up areas on your floor that are prone to get affected, such as the entryways. You can also explore the idea of redirecting the flow of air and using humidifiers that work to maintain a certain level of moisture in your home.

Clean your fireplace

We all know your fireplace will be your best friend this Winter, so why not spruce her up? Imagine warming up next and winding down next to a roaring fire after a long day in the cold. Just like gutters, your chimney can get clogged up by debris from the fireplace as well as the lawn. You might also be surprised to find that bats and birds like to make a home out of your fireplace. When your chimney is not taken care of regularly, its condition might deteriorate. Common problems often discovered include warped dampers, damped flue liners and chimney crowns that are cracked. You can hire a professional who has experience cleaning out fireplaces to prepare your chimney for the new season safely. Additionally, a well-maintained fireplace means fewer costs in fuel, less smoke and more heat.


Once you have ticked everything you need to do off your list, you can sit back and await the sweet season of Winter, knowing you are fully prepared for the weather. Trust me; you’ll thank me later.

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