Being a female might not be a blessing a few centuries ago because of the living conditions people of that time lived in, but, it sure does come with a few perks in the modern world. With healthcare more improved and organized as well as the ladies out there focusing on what is good for their health, we can say that the situation has improved significantly.

Among hundreds of health issues that women still go through, back pain remains the most common and significant one. Whether you are suffering from back pain after a car accident or there is simply a burden on your back because of your weight, there is always a solution to the problem.

Steps to Maintain a Hearty and Healthy Spine

Do you know that your spine starts to age between your 20s and 30s? This means that over time, the spinal health will continue to deteriorate. However, with maintaining proper health standards and health and precautionary guidelines, it is possible for you to maintain good spinal health.

·         Include Proper Lifting Routines

Strength training is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. What was a trend for males initially has now become quite a compulsion for females as well. Ladies have started to lift weights and earned quite a name in this exercise.

This means that you have to be extra careful with your workouts. It is very easy to hurt your spine can twist it the wrong way. For this matter, you will have to understand the proper techniques and tricks to lift correctly.

How to lift properly?

To properly lift, you have to stand close to the lifting equipment i.e. dumbbells, barbells, etc. and utilize the best of your knees and legs instead of the upper body. The knees are to be bent a little bit to maintain the arms at the height level.

It’s important to keep the head in line with the spine and the back completely straight. It is also extremely important that you know your stamina and the weight you can lift easily.

·         Maintain an Ideal Weight

Even though obesity triggers and induces back pain. But, maintaining an ideal and reasonable weight is the key to a healthy spine. To calculate the proper and ideal weight for your body, you can check your BMI and get a good weight figure for yourself.

Exercise helps a lot in maintaining good weight but it’s the eating habits and choices that play a crucial part in maintaining a healthy weight.

Nutritionists have studied and claimed that for the maintenance of a healthy weight, you have to look after your diet and exercise. The ratio is 70:30

·         Sleep Well

Have you ever wondered why ladies who work desk jobs and overtime are mostly tired and stressed? It’s because of sleeping less. Sleeping less than 7 hours a day can promote stress and back pain.

Famous chiropractors always recommend their patients to maintain a healthy sleeping posture. Yes, it’s true. An improper sleeping pattern is a key to having bad spinal health.

For example, sleeping on the stomach puts a lot of pressure on the spine. We all know that ladies like a good sleep; upside down. Well, this has to change because you don’t want to suffer from health issues like a reduced upper airway collapse or symptoms of sleep apnea.

Always use a proper and well-aligned pillow and a mattress that allows your spine to hold its natural posture. Don’t hesitate to change your bed accessories if you feel uncomfortable.

·         Avoid Tobacco At All Costs

As bad as it is for the lungs, many people don’t realize that smoking or using tobacco in any form can actually induce symptoms and development of early arthritis. This involves mainly osteoarthritis which is extremely common in females.

While regular smoking can develop osteoarthritis which leads to brittle bones, many people are not aware of the fact that it can also decrease the normal water levels in the spinal discs.

Deterioration in the spinal disc health also leads to degenerative discs and causes to lose the standard “shock-absorbing” qualities in the spine. Now, you wouldn’t want to have reduced mobility in your early days, would you? Understand that smoking is bad for your lungs as well as your spine.

·         Maintain Proper Postures and Working Positions in Office

For many of us busy working ladies, working is an obnoxious matter of survival and it also plays a part in spine issues. We need to work a bit hard to prevent our jobs from giving us back and spinal issues.

Most of us believe of those people who work hard as putting their spines at risk, but wrong office positions and sitting postures can also cause mayhem on our bones and disks. Sitting in front of the screen for hours on end brings a lot of tension and fatigue on our neck and back.

Therefore, it is important that you study a few of the healthy sitting postures when you are in front of a computer.

·         Keep Your Body Hydrated

Hydration is important to maintain soft-tissue elasticity as well as fluid regulation in the joints. This takes a huge toll on the spine as it has a huge impact on the intervertebral spinal disks. As the discs begin to shrink down because of the lack of water, the condition of the spine worsens.

Therefore, to avoid all these health issues, it is important to keep your body hydrated.


Spinal health is extremely important. Women begin to lose their spinal health in the 20s and 30s. This really doesn’t mean that you have to have back pain after a car accident. Many women face back issues even with age and weight struggles.

A healthy lifestyle and constant health evaluation are compulsory to make sure that everything that you are doing to keep the spine in order is mandatory for your spine.


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