How to Practice Sustainable Giving in Your Community

If you want to live your life peacefully, then the secret to it is giving. Nobody knows how long they would stay on the Earth; however, the time you spend here, make sure to utilize it in the right way. If you are planning to contribute to your local community, here are some tips that can help you contribute sustainably.

Homemade Products

So many of us have almost everything in our kitchens and sometimes the things we don’t even need. You can utilize these things and make gifts for your community from the kitchen, and don’t worry, as these gifts are always welcome. Everything made from scratch is sustainable yet heartfelt. Your effort and time, as well as your cooking talent, are just as valuable as that store-bought present that they may or may not require.

The time you spend in your kitchen is probably comparable to the time you spend shopping for gifts at the mall or online. Food is also a personalized present that has no bad effect on the environment and is also unlikely to go to waste. You can make jams and jellies in the summers and distribute them in your local community. Moreover, baked items are always welcome. Other than that, you can also make pickles and chutney.

If you have a home garden, then it’s good news for you; all you have to do is take a dehydrator and donate some sun-dried tomatoes, dried pears, free fruit leathers, and apple rings.

Pick Up Trash

Although it may appear insignificant, however, garbage and litter have a significant impact on a community, and removing them would definitely help the community sustainably. Garbage scattered in waterways or over a park is not only unattractive, but it also conveys the image that nobody really cares about the environment. And if an area is already littered, it virtually gives the green light for more trash to be thrown in. Volunteer to clean and pick up trash in your neighborhood if you want to make an immediate difference. You can start with picking up at least three things whenever you leave home. You could also participate in a scheduled clean-up activity once a month where you will gather trash in a group.

Donate to a Local Charity

It’s always a good sustainable way to help the community by giving items you don’t use anymore – or, more precisely, trying to find new homes and owners for your old belongings. Other than the happiness of getting rid of your old stuff, the satisfaction you would feel for putting your share for the community would be amazing. The donation would give you a mixed feeling. However, most people just use charity shops to dispose of items they feel bad about discarding. Despite the fact that charity shops are overflowing with donations, only approximately 15% of what is donated is sold. If you’re donating to your local community charity shop, make sure the item you donate is in the best condition. Ensure that it’s not broken and absolutely clean and seasonally appropriate.

You can even contact them ahead of time to make sure what you’re dropping off is what they really need right now. Although charity shops are a more convenient alternative, there are many other venues where you can give products to individuals in need. Look into joining a charity or donation group in your area. If you want to donate to kidney patients, you can head towards the national kidney foundation. It is a trustable charity for car donation in Utah.

How Can Donating Clothes Help the Environment?

You might be wondering how the donation of clothes can be sustainable. Recycling clothes, whether you believe it or not, helps the environment in an exact way as recycling plastic, bottles, or paper.

Giving of Your Time

If you don’t have any money but have the passion for doing something for the community, then worry not, as you can also donate your time. Volunteering can take numerous forms, ranging from outdoor work to assisting with social media. It might be a long-term commitment or a one-time project as needed.

You can either assist in a well-established organization or work for a small local group; if not both, you can even work for an individual.


There are so many ways you can give and contribute to the community sustainably. You can start with the ways we have mentioned above!

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