A weekend is definitely not enough to really get to know Sydney, one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Still, a lot can be absorbed in two days if you plan carefully and know exactly what you want to see and do. What you get to choose from are stunning beaches, versatile wildlife, many national parks, vibrant cultural scene and some of the finest dishes and wines, among other things that attract people to Sydney. The city really has it all and it’s probably the best place to start your vacation in Australia. Here are some tips that can help you create your own two-day itinerary.


Some of the beaches in and around Sydney are quite crowded and particularly popular among surfers. There are also those lounging in the sun in some more secluded nooks. If you are a fan of big, popular beaches, Bondi and Manly are the safest choices, while Chinaman’s Beach and Milk are the destinations for those looking for more peace and quiet. Should you decide to go the world-famous & iconic suburb of Bondi Beach, you’ll see trendy cafes, shopping malls and gorgeous people, some of whom are there to practice their surfing skills.

The Harbour

One of the most iconic buildings is definitely the Sydney Opera House, located in the Sydney Harbour. It is a must-see landmark for everyone visiting Sydney, but you should also use the opportunity to explore around the place, because there is so much to see and do. For example, those brave enough can climb the sturdy sides of the Harbour Bridge and enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the whole area.

Taronga Zoo

The most famous zoo in Sydney is among the world’s most versatile zoos, allowing you to enjoy indigenous wildlife, such as kangaroos and koala bears. You can also learn a lot about animals here, as there are regular lectures organised at the zoo, or simply stroll around and enjoy the wilderness.

The Rocks

The rocks is the oldest part of Sydney, located on the western shores of Sydney cove. That is where the first European settled in 18th century. The area got its name after the original buildings, which were built using blocks of local sandstone. If you have at least half a day and are keen on walking and hiking, this is a great idea. 


To truly experience Sydney, you need to make sure you make some smart choices. Start with accommodation and book a room at the attractive The Old Clare Hotel, just next to the University of Technology. Begin your day with a visit to the Art Gallery of NSW, where you can find out more about the Aboriginal culture of Australia or enjoy some of the world’s most renowned modern art. Movie buffs will appreciate visiting the city in June, where the Art Gallery is showing some of the films and talks of the Sydney Film Festival as well.

Bar hopping

The nightlife in Sydney is simply amazing. Apart from some of the finest restaurants in this part of the world, the city offers some of the most bustling bars. This is especially true when it come to rooftop bars, which are now the most popular in the world. Not only can you enjoy some great drinks and music, but you’ll also have a chance to enjoy fantastic views of the perfectly lit city. Most bars are great for sunbathing during the day, while enjoying cocktails and they turn into extremely lively places in the evening.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Those who love spending time in the nature will love the Royal Botanical Gardens, where they can have picnics, yoga sessions or just stroll to a guided tour. You’re bound to recharge your batteries after a few hours in this beautiful environment.

If you choose wisely, your weekend getaway to Sydney can be just the right thing and you’ll see that as soon as your mini-break is over you’ll start planning your next trip to this magnificent city.

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